Idle Property Manager Tycoon – How To Earn Gold Bricks?

Wondering how to earn gold bricks in Idle Property Manager Tycoon? Read on and find out all the ways to earn Idle Property Manager Tycoon Gold Bricks

Idle Property Manager Tycoon Gold BricksGold Brick is the premium in-game item that you can use to unlock and upgrade the star tenants in Idle Property Manager Tycoon. Also, you can spend gold in the shop for production boosts, permanent boosts, etc. So there are lots of premium services to enjoy with gold bricks. But, since it’s a premium in-game currency, it’s hard to obtain – we have listed all the ways to get Idle Property Manager Tycoon Gold Bricks below. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon Gold Bricks: –

⇒House Parties grant the gold bricks. As per the rule, you can get up to (10) gold bricks every day. And, there is no complex process to start the house party. All you have to do is keep an eye on the houses – from time to time, a party symbol(purple color music sign) appears over the house. Tap it and let the tenants enjoy their party.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon Gold BricksAlso, sometimes the party gets spread to the neighbor houses – so watch out for the orange color party symbol and keep tapping it for more bonuses and bigger reward including the gold bricks.

⇒From the daily rewards, you can get some gold bricks. Head to the shop and in the upper-left corner of the shop menu, tap the gift box and on certain days, the game rewards free gold bricks to the player. So sign in daily and get free gold bricks.

⇒Participating in the events helps you earn more gold bricks. From time to time, the game releases new events – allowing players to earn premium currency, loads of amount of cash, star tenants and production boosters. All you have to do is reach a certain milestone during the event.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon Gold BricksFor example – at the time of writing this post, there is an event called Thanksgiving is going on. During this event, if you earn 1M cash, you will get 5 gold bricks. And, upon earning 1,00q cash during the event, you will get 25 gold bricks.

In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the airplane/event option to check the event details – reach certain milestones during the event for cash, gold bricks, star tenants, and production boosters.

So these are the ways to get free gold bricks in the game. Do you know more ways? Share them in the comment section below and help others. Also, read our guide & tips on this game here: –

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