Crossing Void Global: Limited Gacha, Limited Gacha Voucher, Exchange Gacha Points

Read on and find out all about Crossing Void Global Limited Gacha, Limited Gacha Voucher, and exchanging the gacha points for S-grade characters, special hues

Crossing Void Global Limited GachaWhether you are figuring out how to get limited gacha vouchers, what are gacha points, how to exchnage gacha points in Crossing Void Global or other related stuff, we have got you covered in this post. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content and learn everything about Crossing Void Global limited gacha, gacha points, limited gacha voucher.

How To Get Limited Gacha Vouchers?

Well, one-word answer; you can’t buy without spending money. Don’t lose hope here. You may get a limited gacha voucher as a compensation reward(after the maintenance, the developers often send the reward to the mailbox – for example – In the last compensation reward, everyone got the limited gacha voucher).

Now, if you are willing to spend, then you can buy the limited gacha vouchers in exchnage for the paid Maigo. What is paid Maigo? Paid Maigo is the paid-in-game currency that you can use for the event packs or you can spend it on the gacha like free Maigo. For paid Maigo, you will have to spend real money. At the top-right side, tap the Maigo option -> this will take you to the mall screen where you can purchase the Maigo by spending real money.

In the mall menu, head to the event pack – there you can spend the paid Maigo for Osmanthus/Event – Gacha Packs. These packs contain limited gacha vouchers and coins.

What Is Limited Gacha In Crossing Void Global?

Limited Characters can only be obtained from the Limited Gacha or Limited-Event Banner. As an example – at the time of writing this post, Alice(limited character) can be obtained from the limited-event banner. You can spend limited gacha vouchers, Maigo, Paid Maigo. Head to the gacha menu -> Ltd. -> purchase gacha. Tap the probability banner to check the characters’ drop rate.

Limited-Event banner lasts long for a few days. So make sure to get its benefit before it flies away.

Exchnage Gacha Points: –

You get gacha points by purchasing the gacha; normal, limited. Each gacha purchase gives (15) gacha points to the player. These gacha points can be exchanged in the exchnage menu (head to exchnage menu from the gacha menu). There you can use them for buying main characters, support characters, Hue(s)/Special Hue(s).

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