Immortal Taoist: Alchemy, Blacksmith, And Fortune Land

Wondering how to refine, forge, and rob in Immortal Taoists? Read on and learn about the Alchemy, Blacksmith, and Fortune Land features in Immortal Taoist Game!

Immortal Taoists Blacksmith Alchemy

You can forge a lot of items with the help of Alchemy and Blacksmith in the Immortal Taoists game. The player needs to buy furnace to refine or forge items with the help of Alchemy. And, Cauldron to forge items with the help of Blacksmith. After that, you will need to buy plans or formulas from the market – these plans and formulas are required to forge specific items. For example – Storage Stone Plan helps you forge Storage Stone, which you can use to expand the inventory. Another thing that we are going to discuss is how to cultivate and rob. So without further ado, let’s dive into the main content – Immortal Taoists Alchemy, Blacksmith, and Fortune Land.

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Immortal Taoists – Alchemy And Blacksmith⇓

First, go to the market -> in the treasure hall, go downstairs or upstairs to buy Furnace and Cauldron. The furnace is used by Alchemist. And, Cauldron is used by the blacksmith. Once bought, go to the inventory and you will see these two items’ blueprints there -> tap on the blueprint icon and use it so that you can place it in the equipment or refining room.Immortal Taoists Dwelling

Now, go to Dwelling ->Alchemy Furnace or Equipment Room. Tap the refine button in the top-left corner -> there you will see the furnace. Tap the forge button after you open the equipment room – it’s in the top-left corner -> there you will see the Cauldron.

High-level furnace or cauldron will available in the market when you upgrade the realm. Go upstairs or downstairs in the treasure hall tab to check all the items. You will find high-level item formulas in the high-rank floors. For example – Ensoulment Realm unlocks floor no. 3 in treasure hall.

Buy Plans⇓

Once you have bought the equipment to forge or refine, it’s time to buy the plans. What are the plans? These plans or formulas or blueprints are required to forge/refine specific items. Head to the market -> treasure hall -> there you will find many formulas, plans. Tap on a formula or a plan to check its info. For example – Strength Enhancing Pill Formula lets you learn how to refine Strength Enhancing Pills. Weapon plans to forge gears.

When you learn it, Alchemist will be able to forge or craft Strength Pills. So make sure to read the plan or formula info before buying. Some are useless while some are very useful.

After buying the plan, go to inventory and use it.

Using The Plans And Formulas In Immortal Taoists: –

Head to the Dwelling – Furnace or Blacksmith -> refine or forge -> tap select plan button and select the plan. After that, you will see the materials required to forge it. You can gather these material items by hunting beasts or monsters in the adventure mode. Keep grinding!

Leveling Up Blacksmith And Alchemy⇓

You can not learn high-level plans or formulas without leveling up Blacksmith and Alchemy. Go back to Dwelling -> Alchemy or Furnace -> 10 Years or 100 Years -> spend spirit stones to grind EXPERIENCE -> as the year passes, Alchemist/Blacksmith gains exp that raises their level.Immortal Taoists Rob

Immortal Taoists Robbing & Cultivating In Fortune Land⇓

Head to the Adventure screen -> fortune land -> there you can cultivate Cultivation Base points, Pills(Life Essence, Strength, Vital Energy, and Dexterity). These pills help you raise the character’s stats. So cultivate daily.

Robbing – on the fortune land screen, you will see other players cultivating the items. You can rob them. Select a player that you want to rob -> tap the rob button -> this will start the PvP battle -> if you win, you will get the items. Before you attack, check the character’s realm level. Don’t bother fighting with high-level players.

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