Immortal Taoists Redeem Codes List 2020

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If you want to earn some extra rewards in Immortal Taoists, then make sure to check out this post. Here we have shared Immortal Taoists redeem codes 2020

Immortal Taoists CodesImmortal Taoists Redeem Codes List: –

  1. f8d5kgf – Free resources
  2. phi123 – Inspector token, free resources
  3. k23kf76 – Food, spirit stone, flower, etc.
  4. onestore666 – Spirit stone, treasure tokens, etc.
  5. lb4m8fa – Nucleus, spirit stone, etc.
  6. lcd8fs72 – Cleansing dew, resources
  7. kso84hj – Superior booze
  8. hanyuty6666 – Treasure token, resources
  9. xianmingjue666 – Sect contribution token, reputation, etc.
  10. fbxiaozulibao666 – Items
  11. EX5Daa – Superior Booze, items
  12. mfkf8888 – Contribution token, reputation, etc.
  13. Ve045Z – Items
  14. nM22Bm – Beast Nucleus and items
  15. TcZB8i – Beast Int. Pill and items
  16. xmjh3yJj – Silk casket and items
  17. xmj0pUT7 – Items
  18. xmjAv09o – RSS
  19. xmjLQQoU – Beast Nucleus & RSS
  20. xmjEc2NS – Best Int. Pill, items
  21. xmj0V6np – RSS & items
  22. xmjkU2l3 – Resources & items
  23. xmjgmjzy – Resources
  24. RLN75DE91 – Silk casket, contribution token
  25. RLN802JK3 – Slik casket, contribution token

Don’t get confused between 0 and o. 0 – Zero. o – small o(owl). So these are some Immortal Taosts codes that you can redeem for tokens, resources, gears, and other items. If you have more codes to share, please comment below. 

How To Redeem Immortal Taoist Codes?

Open the game. Tap the character avatar in the upper-left corner -> enter the code in the box under this personal information menu and hit the redeem button. 

What Are These Redeem Codes?

Redeem Codes are given to the player to grab gifts without paying real money or playing the game. It does not matter at what level you are – all players; whether they have started playing it recently or at high-rank, can redeem these codes and get freebies. 

How To Get More Immortal Taoist Codes To Redeem?

Well, these codes are not the secret cheat codes that you can discover by playing the game modes or defeating the enemies. These cheat codes or redeem codes are issued by the developers on the game. So we recommend following the Immortal Taoists Facebook page and official Facebook Group to get more codes 

Or keep checking here – we will post new codes once we get the information. And, make sure to post the code in the comment section below if you have discovered it and it’s not listed here. 

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Immortal Taoists Codes. 

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    • What’s ur cultivation realm???. all the codes that started with xmj and onestore666 didn’t work for me so I’ll was wondering whether my realm was low that’s why it said error. I’m just wondering and pondering why the some codes work for some while xmj codes doesn’t for others

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