LifeAfter – How To Craft Repair Bench Facility?

Repair Bench is one of the useful facilities in the LifeAfter game, which lets you repair/dismantle/empower gears. Let’s learn how to craft repair bench in LifeAfter

LifeAfter: How To Craft Repair Bench Facility?

To craft a repair bench in the LifeAfter game, you need wood and iron ore. (Wood – 600, Iron Ore – 4). Cut the trees to get wood. Break the rocks to get Iron Ore. Iron Ore is the secondary resource that you get by breaking the rocks. Make sure to use a pickaxe, otherwise, you will not get this secondary resource. Once you have enough resources, go to the town hall and enter the furniture shop. Inside the furniture shop, there is a furniture maker. Interact with the furniture maker object and choose craft. After that, select the repair bench from the list. It takes 10 minutes to craft a repair bench. After that, they will send the repair bench to the mailbox, at the dev zone. Check the mailbox and claim the repair bench. Go inside the house and choose build -> furniture -> repair bench -> place it where you want. That’s it. Let’s learn step-by-step in LifeAfter – How to craft Repair Bench walkthrough guide(With Pictures).

Visit The Town Hall Once You Have Enough Resources To Build Repair Bench In LifeAfter

LifeAfter Repair BenchFirst of all, check your location on the map. Tap the mini-map at the top-right corner. You should be in the development zone to visit the town hall. On the minimap, mark the helicopter point(red color exit sign) -> visit there -> open. The map window will pop-out where you can see all the locations. Tap the zone option -> Hope (101). It could be different if you are on a different server. After selecting the location -> tap the proceed button. LifeAfter Repair Bench

Once you are in the town hall location, tap the mini-map and visit the furniture store. It is marked on the mini-map with a hammer icon. LifeAfter Repair Bench

Go inside the store. A furniture maker option will appear on your screen. Tap the craft button -> choose repair bench in the formula list -> craft. Wait for the 10 minutes. Now, go back to the dev zone. (Open mini-map, find helicopter point -> go to the dev zone).LifeAfter Repair Bench

In the development zone, near the house/manor, there would be a mailbox. Interact with it and choose the receive option. Claim the town hall mail that features the shipped item; repair hall -> accept. LifeAfter Repair Bench

Once you are done, go inside the house(ground/home foundation) -> build -> furniture -> choose repair bench -> place it. LifeAfter Repair Bench

LifeAfter Repair Bench -> Fix, Dismantle, Empower, Extract

The repair bench in the LifeAfter game lets you craft gears, dismantle gears, empower gears, and extract the items.

Interact with the repair bench object ->

Fix -> The durability of the gears such as armor, gun, melee weapons, tools decreases as you use them. The orange gauge at the bottom of the gear’s item icon displays durability. If the durability of the gear reaches 0, it will disappear. You can fix these gears by spending the new dollar. Tap on gear -> fix. Keep in mind that you can not fix all the gears. Tap the (i) icon to get more details.

Dismantle -> In this tab, you see the items, which can be dismantled. Dismantling the item breaks the selected item and provides materials.

Empower Gears -> You can add a special effect to the gear by empowering it. Select the gear -> tap the + button -> select an empowerment effect -> tap the empowerment button. It will cost you empowerment points, which can be obtained by extracting items.

Extraction – In this tab, you can extract the items to get empowerment points.

We would recommend you to set the special effects.

So this is the LifeAfter Repair Bench Crafting walkthrough guide. Also, see –

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