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LifeAfter game features co-op mode that lets you team up with friends. Check out our LifeAfter – Friends guide – Friendliness, Invite, Roommate, Sharing

In LifeAfter, you can create a team with friends and play together, live together, and do many things as a team. There are many players who are struggling to find out how friends mechanics work in the LifeAfter game. We’ve put all the information in today’s post and it will teach you how to invite friends to the manor, how to share resources, become a roommate, about the friendliness, and much more. If you have any question, comment below! Let’s get started: LifeAfter Friends Guide!

How To Invite Friends and Create a Team

LifeAfter FriendsFirst, you and your friend should be friends in the game. If you are not, send the friend request to your friend. To send the friend request, tap the chat box at the bottom of the game screen. After that, tap contacts tab. In the contacts tab, at the bottom-right, enter your friend name in the search box and hit the search button. Then tap the add button to send him/her a friend request.

Prerequisite -> You and your friend should be on the same server. When you open the game screen, the game lets you change server. As of now, the game has NA and SEA servers. Make sure that both of you are on the same server. For example; Charles Town, Nancy City. If your friend has selected Charles Town, then should be on the same server(Charles Town). Another problem that you might face is the server selection. If your phone language is set to English(US), then the game will not show you the SEA servers list. Change it to English(India) to see the SEA servers list. Similarly, if it’s not showing NA servers, change phone language to English(US).

After Adding

LifeAfter FriendsAs soon as your friend accepts your friend request, you will see his/her name in my friends list in the contacts tab. (To accept the friend request, go to the contacts tab and hit the accept button). Tap the friend name in My Friends menu -> invite to join -> create. After it, your friend will get a notification. (Open the chat box -> there you will see the message “received 1 team invitations” -> tap that message -> join).

So this is how you can team up with your friends. Now, this is the first step. Once you are in the team, choose a location and visit there. For example; select autumn forest and tell your friend to visit there. Once you are in the same location, open the mini-map -> there you can see the location of your partner. If not, the system will ask you to switch line to visit the friend.

How To Share Resources With Friends In LifeAfter

LifeAfter FriendsYou can share resources such as wood, hemp, stone, berries, and more with friends. First, make sure that your friend is near you. Tap the location icon at the bottom of the screen near the chat box -> tap your friend name -> send the gift. Now, your friend will receive a notification, which prompts him/her whether to accept or not. Tell your friend to accept. Now, select the items and confirm. As soon as you confirm, your friend will get the option to accept the resources.

So this is how you share resources with friends in LifeAfter game.

How To Invite Your Friend To Your Manor/House/Base – LifeAfter?

LifeAfter FriendsManor invite is different from the roommate feature. Please read the roommate guide below. When you invite your friend to Manor, he/she will get the option to private visit your Manor through the helicopter. For example; A and B are friends. A invited B to his manor. B is in the development zone or in the town hall(if in a camp). Then B will get the option private visit, which lets him visit A’s manor through helicopter. Usually, you get the open option in the Dev zone or town hall. But if you have invited your friend to Manor, he/she will get the private visit option.

To invite your friend to the manor, tap the chat box at the bottom of the game screen and go to the contacts tab. In the friend list, tap the friend name and choose initiate session. A chat window will open. Tap the ⇑ icon next to typing box -> go to the grid tab(third one) -> choose manor -> choose visit time and send. Now, your friend will see the manor invite message in the recent chat tab. Tell him to tap the message and claim the invitation.LifeAfter Friends

That’s it. Now, he/she can visit your manor through helicopter. This feature lets you interact with friends who are not in your camp. When you join a camp, the game will grant you a whole Island where you can visit a friend’s manor by walk. LifeAfter Friends

How To Invite Camp Mates To Stay With You – LifeAfter Friends & Roommate Function

LifeAfter FriendsWell, this feature works when you are in a camp. After that, you can invite your friend to stay with you in the manor. This function also lets the roommate make items with your materials. The camp feature is not good in this game. There are millions of players playing this game. But the same number of people don’t have access to the camp. We will post the camp feature details in the next post. When you are in a camp, you can invite your friend to stay with you. Here’s how to do it: –

Visit your manor in the camp island. Near the manor gate, you will find the Manor Controller. Interact with it and choose to manage. Tap the info option -> tap the + icon just below the roommates and permissions -> a new window will pop-out on your screen where you can see the friend name. Your friend should be in your manor, otherwise, you will not see his/her name. Just below the friend name, you can check the friendliness points. You must have friendliness of 300 or over with the friend(to become roommate).

LifeAfter Friends – How To Increase Friendliness?

There are a number of ways to increase friendliness with your friend. The first and easiest method is to team up with your friend and play together; gather resources, defeat enemies. 2-> Go to friend’s manor – interact with the home sign and give a like to your friend’s manor. 3-> stronghold battles. 4-> give roses and lily baskets. You can see the friendliness points through manor controller -> tap + icon -> (make sure your friend is in your manor).

So this is the LifeAfter Friends guide – how to increase friendliness, become roommates, play together, invite him/her to your manor. We will post the camp guide very soon. Also, see –

If you have more details, you can share in the comments below 😀

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78 thoughts on “LifeAfter – Friends: Invite, Share Resources, Roommate”

  1. When I invite my friend to come to my manor, it tells him that he cannot because he is in the target scenario.. what is that

    • @Jace Yep, he/she has to visit by walk. This only happens when you are in a camp. To share the location, team up and your friend will see you on the mini map (green dot). Make sure you’re in manor.
      Tell him to visit from another loctaion; Hope 101, town

      • @Jace One More think i forgot to share is your friend should be on the same area. Tell him to visit island entry location and talk to the guy and select the area where your manor is located. After that, when he/she cross the bridge, he/she will see your manor on map(tap map – marker).
        To visit island entry, tap mini-map(in camp) then choose island entry/exit – quick travel.

  2. It says that i have to take a group photo with my friend infront of the manor entrance but after we do nothing gappens and it still asks that

    • @Fernando Go outside the manor, then take the picture in front of manor gate. After that, you will have to hug each other. In my case, this option pops up when you are in front of your friend and manore main gate

    • @menuka Use the material bench and craft enhancement. Once crafted, tap the build option in the house -> enhance -> select the enhancement -> aim to the wall -> tap the check mark button to confirm. First craft the wooden enhancement -> then to upgrade it further, craft the cemented enhancement.

    • @Myun Nope. It will be there. My friend can still visit his manor. He is in my camp. When you become a roommate, the game actually asks you to choose the main manor; you can either select your manor or your friend’s manor. If you want to change the main manor, you can do it through manor controller -> info -> settings -> uncheck the box next to the main manor.

  3. I can’t invite my friend to become roommate. We are in acquaintance level (over 1400) .Although we are same camp, we r different in camp island.He is in island 3 and I’m in 4. We did according to rules ( he was in my manor, I invited him). But his name is not listed in invite list. Why? I thought different island is not our problem. How do u think about our problem? Can u help me? 😇

  4. Do we need to put everything in one manor once we become roommates coz it’ll clutter inside plus we can’t use each other’s cabinets and the other manor still needs upgrading.. so other than sharing of resources there’s no other perks of roommates right?

    And of we want to stop being roomies how do we separate? Thnx

    • @Lumierre You can organize it. For example; keep your resources in the ground floor and your friends resources (chests) on the first floor. You both will get the sharing perks as you reach the certain friendliness points; 1500, 5000, 15000, 30000, 50000.
      To end the roommate agreement, go near the manor controller – manage – info – end relation.

  5. How to send private camp invitation to recruit new members? Whenever I post on world chat people will pm me and ask me to invite them to join my private camp but idk where or how. So I’ll only end up telling them to find my camp at the commerce bureau at Hope 101.

    • @Yen You can not invite players to join the camp as you do to join the team. They have to follow the process; commerce bureau -> Billy -> I Want to join -> search name -> apply -> get approved -> move. There is no other way I guess!

    • @Ejnyl You can buy Lily’s basket from the mall(mall -> shop -> Lily Basket). It’s a premium item and will cost you around 150 FED Credits

  6. Is it possible to be roommates with a friend in a camp whereas I’m not in one? And if so, will my manor still be available?

  7. Me and my roommate were at my (our) main manor ctrl, but i don’t see the + sign tt shows me what is our friendliness level. Any idea why?

    • @Davinee You can also check the friendliness level in the contacts tab(Chatbox -> contacts -> my friends). There you will see the acquaintance/friendliness points.

  8. When I tried to manage the roommate agreement it says- to take a group photo go to manor entrance first.Then I go to my manor gate with my roommate and take a photo together but nothing happened. why?

  9. My roommate wanted to make a shotgun.And I want to help him. Is there any way to help him getting the material he needed to make a shotgun?

    • @Ben Oh! 590M Shotgun Formula? First, you need its formula. You get 590M Shotgun formula by fusing shards in Research Station Facility(Fusion III). It drops randomly. If you have the formula, you will see the option to make it in the gear workstation. The materials needed; Hard Aluminium Alloy(10), Pig Iron(23), Screw(12), Polymer Coating(4).

  10. It says that invitee needs to be in the same manor but my friend already in the manor and same team, what happen, please help!!!

    • @Ray Peace Mode – In this mode, you can not attack other players are also in peace mode. But you can attack the players who are in invade/PvP mode.
      Invade/PvP – In this mode, you can attack any player; either the player is in peace mode or PvP/Invade. If you kill the players in Farstar city, you will earn prestige points. You can exchange these prestige points at the merchant for treasure maps and other items.

    • @xMoonX That’s pretty easy. But your friend needs to spend gold. You can try selling them at the lowest price if you want to help them. There is no other way though. First, go to the trade city and publish the UZI for sale(UZI must be rare and seal packed, you can check the selling guns post on this site if you don’t know). After you publish the UZI on sale, share it in the camp chat. After that, tell your friend to mark it following. They basically tap the image that you share in the camp chat and tap the heart. After that, they will have to visit 101 -> trade stall -> buy -> following -> in this section, they will see the UZI that you want to trade. Huh!! It’s a nice way to trade with friends ._.

  11. I joined a private camp and can no longer go to the 101 developmental area? I feel it’s more convenient to be in the developmental area as there are wood all around the house. Also there are unexplored areas in the developmental area. Should I leave my camp first to complete those?

  12. I want to send some material to my friend I stand near of my friend and tap on the location Icon but the send gift does not show up on the list only initial Chat and report why? Please explain this

  13. My friend and I have a level of 1499 and our manors are the same level, if that matters and her name still doesn’t show up. How can i fix this.

  14. I can’t further build my house, ask to unlock ground, but there is no more ground to unlock surrounding. I upgraded from level 4 to 5 and only can add 2 items under building then ask to unlock ground.

  15. How to end relationship in LifeAfter??
    Already tried 2 times at the controller, takes 2 days and then nothing happens, all stays the same.

    • @rookie As far as I know, you receive the notification after 2 days countdown that prompts to agree on end relation. (Manor Controller -> End Relation -> 2 Days Countdown -> Confirm).

  16. Can you give different Weapons and Armor Etc to each other when You become roommates with one another an have a friendliness to 50 k or your not allowed to I’ve been wondering this for so so long now?

  17. Hi, i have a partner at my manor, yet i am Manor 4, and wanted to upgrade to manor 5 with complete requirements but when i press it a notification saying “Insufficient Intimacy, can’t use roommates supplies” while all the supplies was made by me, and all are in my storage. What am i missing here? Is there anyway i can upgrade my manor?

  18. I was trying to share some resources with my friend and the send gift button wont show up, is it different on ios than it is on android.

  19. if you have a roommate when you’re in a camp and you leave that camp will your roommate come back with you to Hope 101 and or can you have a roommate when you’re living in Hope 101?

    • @Joe Nope. He/she will not come along with you if you leave the camp. Yes, You can have a roommate if you are living in a DEV Zone.

  20. When I invite my friend to my manor and I press the + to invite campmate to live with me it says invitees must be inside manor and he’s inside my house

    P.S. Are friendship is 600

  21. Hello! I need help please. I can’t understand why I see “today’s friendliness is insufficient” when I intend to craft MP5 ☹️

    • You’d be using your roomies resources (or at least some of their resources) to make the SMG. However you don’t have enough intimacy (friendliness) points to cover the use of the resources. Either get enough of the resources needed yourself so you don’t use your roomies resources as much. Or complete quests, mystical creatures, mikasa, Nancy city, etc on the SAME TEAM. You can also gift Rose or lily flowers and/or baskets & interact with each other (ie embrace)

  22. I played this game once and my manor reached level 6 . And now I want to play this game again, I connected this game to google play games but the server mouthswamp is gone now it’s not available here .So I can’t log in now.

    Can I do anything now?

    • Unfortunately they do still have their Manor (side manor assuming if yours is main manor) & if you change to a different camp then you left them there! 🙁

  23. i and my friend have joined the same camp but game showing that we are on different areas in island, am in area 1 and she’s in area 2, how to visit her by walk now ?

    • Who ever visits the other needs to ensure they select the bottom option at the island entry gate then the appropriate area# for the person they want to visit. The “host” would have to find that info in the Home (top left) then their profile, they have to really read the info there to find & ensure they provide you the right info.

    • That’s unusual if this occurs without them not accepting the request or selecting anything other than accept. I’d have them contact the developer, I’ve had glitches like that myself. However the only way for them to get it fixed is if you contact them providing them with the issue you’re having. Personally I need to send them something about the chat “invalid characters” issue cause it really impacts me playing the game.

  24. i need friends in lifeafter ,can anyone wanna team up please.It’s kinda boring the name is Deiimos in game

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