Lumia Saga – Adjudge And Guardian Class Overview

Are you going to pick Adjudge class in Lumia Saga? Well you should check out this Lumia Saga Adjudge Class overview before you make this move

Adjudge is one of the classes that a player can pick at the start of the game – at the time of character creation. Like all other classes, Adjudge has a sub-class; Guardian that you can choose after reaching level 30(completing the class change quest). Both of these classes are different – roles, strengths, weaknesses, etc. In this post, we have shared an overview of both these classes; why should you pick Adjudge, why to switch to guardian class, etc. So without further ado, let’s get started. Lumia Saga Adjudge and Guardian Class overview.Lumia Saga Adjudge

Lumia Saga Adjudge: –

Adjudge is the melee DPS class in the Lumia Saga game. She uses the giant hammer as a primary weapon to slay down the enemies. Skills – Single Target | AoE | Dash |Recovery | Control. Talent – CRIT DPS | Sustained DPS | Fighter DPS. Let’s take a look at her skills and talents.Lumia Saga Adjudge Skills

Skills: –

  • Warhammer Swing – Swings the giant hammer to attack the target – causing physical damage. Each hit gives energy points. Type – Single.
  • Thunderclap Rage – Inflicting massive PHY DMG on a single target by imbuing the giant hammer with the power of thunder. Type – Single.
  • Storming Rage – AoE Attack – swings the giant hammer and unleashes the might of the storm, which causes AoE PHY DMG to multiple targets. Type – Group.
  • Thunder Stork – Smashes the target with the weapon – causing physical damage and restores energy. Type – Single.
  • Hammer of Conviction – Lands in the target location – causing physical damage on multiple targets. Also, increases the damage for a few seconds. Type – Dash.
  • Sacred Therapy – Healing. Type – Recovery.
  • Divine Hammer – Continuous damage – summons the Divine Hammer from the sky to inflict ATK DMG to multiple targets. Type – Group.
  • Hammer of Judgement – Inflicts damage and dazes the enemy.

Adjudge Promotion Path: –

You will start playing as Fledging Adjudge and promote to the next tier by leveling up.

  1. Fledging Adjudge
  2. Trainee Adjudge
  3. Novice
  4. Initiate
  5. Bronze
  6. Silver
  7. Argent
  8. Hallowed

Each promotion increases the MAX HP, ATK, MAG DEF, PHY DEF.

Conclusion: –

Do you love close-combat fights? Do you love playing as a DPS unit with melee attacks? Then Adjudge could be a good option because she possesses the single target skills as well as AoE skills. After reaching Adjudge level 30, you can switch to the subclass; Guardian. Let’s take a look at the Guardian class.Lumia Saga Guardian Class

Lumia Saga Guardian Class: –

Unlike Adjudge, which is the main and starting class, Guardian is a tank class. By tank class or defender class, we mean she excels in leading from the front – because of high survivability, high DEF boost, shield buffs, Guardian has a good survivability rate. Although, you would not be able to inflict the damage like other DPS units. By unlocking or studying talents, you can improve defense, DPS, support abilities. Let’s take a look at Guardian Class skills.Lumia Saga Guardian Skills

Skills: –

  • Blunt Strike – Swings the weapon to strike the enemy – if the target gets hit by the attack, you recovery energy points. Type – Single DPS.
  • Divine Sanction – Like Adjudge, Guardian imbues her weapon with the divine power and hits the target – causing physical damage. Type – Single DPS.
  • Holy Shield Protection – Damage reduction and HP recovery. Type – Buff.
  • Divine Slash – AoE PHY DMG. Type – Group.
  • Light of the Divine Realm – Empowers the allies; restores energy, healing, grants shield
    Also, taunt nearby targets. Type – Special Skill.
  • Belief Hymn – Self-buff skill that increases max HP, DEF, ATK. Also, it grants a shield. After unleashing the skill, you will see the buff icons in the top-left corner; below the HP and energy bars.
  • Side Dash – Charges forward – causing ATK DMG to the enemies in the path. Type – Dash.
  • Divine Chains – PHY DMG | Drags the target to your front when calling in the weapon. Type – Single.

Guardian Promotion Path: –

  • Novice
  • Initiate
  • Iron Armor
  • Silver Armor
  • Gold Armor
  • General Saint

On each promotion, Guardian’s MAX HP, ATK increases. And, PHY DEF, MAG. DEF increases by a massive amount.

Conclusion: –

You can choose the Knight class at the start of the game if you want to play as a tank in the whole game. But if you want to the combination of melee DPS and a tank, then choose Adjudge. We have explained all the classes in this post: –

So this would be all in this Lumia Saga Adjudge and Guardian class overview. Share your skill build, talent build, opinions in the comment section below!

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