Priconne Yui: Princess Connect Re Dive Yui Guide!

Is Yui good in Priconne Global A.K.A. Princess Connect Re Dive Global? Read on for Priconne Yui: Princess Connect Re Dive Yui Guide!

Princess Connect Re Dive Yui⇓

Priconne Yui

Yui is a 1-star back-line magic type character unit in the Priconne game A.K.A. Princess Connect Re Dive. She is known for her group healing skills that can help you a lot in the PvE game mode. In the battle, Yui stands in the back and contributes by AoE healing, inflicting magic damage, and boosting all allies’ physical defense. Let’s take a look at her skills and find out whether to invest in Yui or not: –

(1) Group Heal – it’s the union burst skill of Yui. With this skill, Yui heals all allies; friendly units in the battle. 

(2) Blooming Blast – with this skill, Yui inflicts magic damage to one enemy in the front. 

(3) Flower Guard – with this skill, Yui boosts all friendly units’ physical defense. 

(4) Floral Aura – with this skill, Yui boosts her own magic attack. It’s her EX Skill. 

Is Yui Good In Priconne?

As of January 21, 2021: In our opinion, Yui is good in PvE – a unit with group healing skills can help you a lot in the PvE. Also, it’s easy to farm her memory shards. Although, her performance in the Clan Battle and PvP is average. For Yui tier rankings, please check out our Princess Connect Tier List Here(Clan Battle, PvP, PvE)

How To Get Yui Memory Shards?

If you have got Yui from gacha, you might want to ascend her for further stat boost and ascension requires memory shards; Yui Memory shards can be acquired from the Pallas Peaks 2-2 Hard Mode Stage, Flora Lake 6-1 Hard Mode Stage, and Divine Amulet Shop.  

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Priconne Yui: Princess Connect Re Dive Yui Guide. More information will be added soon. 

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