Redecor Season Info: Season Pass, Max Level & More!

In the Redecor – Home Design Game, players can earn star tokens, gold coins, etc. for free by completing season tasks. Read on for Redecor Season Info!Redecor Season Pass

Redecor Season Info: What’s A Season Pass, Season Pass Leveling, And More⇓

In this post, we have shared all sorts of details regarding the Redecor Season info. At the beginning of every month, a new season begins. In each season, you can climb all the way up to max level 30 and earn max rewards. All you have to do is focus on the leveling; submit the design and participate in the challenges to earn EXP and level up. At each level, you will receive rewards(if you have bought the season pass). 

What’s A Season Pass In Redecor Game?

As you know a season lasts for 30 days and you can reach up to level 30 during the season. And, at each level, you can claim the rewards like gold coins, unique season exclusive items, cash, star tokens, etc. If you don’t have a season pass, you can not claim all the rewards; these rewards are marked with the “lock” symbol in the top-left. Although, you can still claim those “free” rewards by leveling. 

What’s The Cost Of Season Pass, Is It A One-Time Payment Or Do You Need To Buy Every Month?

The price of the season pass in Redecor may differ based on the conversion or country. It usually comes around 5 USD. Is it a one-time payment for all seasons? NO! You will have to pay again for a new season. It’s not automated, so you would not be charged at the beginning of the season automatically. 

Redecor Season Level⇓

At the beginning of the season, all the players start from level 0 as each time a new season begins, the game resets the current level. During the season, you will earn season XP by playing the game. Keep accumulating until you reach level 30 and claim all the rewards. For instance, at the time of writing this post, the current season gives you these rewards(all the way up to level 30); 48K Cash, 4.8K Gold Coins, and X300 Star Tokens. 

If you reach the end, you might receive a bonus box reward featuring premium unique quality items. 

How To Buy A Season Pass?

To buy or activate a season pass, navigate to the season level rewards screen(tap the round-shaped level bar in the upper-left corner or go to the second tab in the bottom menu -> view season rewards). On this season reward screen, you will find the button “Activate Season Pass”. Tap it -> spend bucks -> that’s it. Once it’s activated, you will be able to claim the season pass locked rewards(You still need to level up to claim all the season rewards. The season pass just enables you to claim the season rewards.). 

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So this would be all in this post on Redecor Season Info. 

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14 thoughts on “Redecor Season Info: Season Pass, Max Level & More!”

  1. I bought the season pass but did not get all the prizes. If I buy the next new season pass, do I lose the old season pass prizes?

    • Level up. Even if buy the season pass, you still have to level up to claim the season rewards. As you grind EXP, level up, the game will let you claim the “season rewards” – the rewards with a red color lock symbol in the top-left of their icon.

      “With the season pass, you don’t receive all of the rewards instantly, but while climbing up the levels”.

  2. As much as I love this game, I can never access the items that I purchase in a bundle,using the gold or coins that I have accumulated.

  3. I tried entering this week’s challenge code in and it just keeps telling me there must be a typo. I’ve done it many times and copy and pasted it please help.