State of Survival Hero Badges: How To Get & Use?

Wondering how to get and use the hero badges in the State of Survival game? Read on for State of Survival Hero Badges: how to use and get for free!State of Survival Hero Badges

State of Survival Hero Badges⇓

In the State of Survival game, hero badges are required to upgrade or rank up the heroes. When you upgrade a hero character, its grade rank improves, ultimately increases the core stats of the hero character like ATK, DEF, Health stats, Military stats, etc. 

Hero Badges Grades⇓

In the State of Survival game, hero badges are available in multiple grades; rare grade, epic grade, and legendary grade. Based on the hero grade, you will need hero badges. For instance, to upgrade the legendary grade hero, you will need legendary hero badges. 

How To Use Hero Badges?

Tap the “Heroes” option next to the mission option on the main screen of the game -> tap on a hero -> hero profile will open -> on the right side, you will have three options; level up[+], rank-up[⬆️ ], and skills. Tap the ⬆️ button. A new screen will open where you will see the number of badges and fragments required to upgrade the hero. Tap the upgrade button and the game system will consume the hero badges + fragments and upgrade the rank of the hero. 

State of Survival Hero Badges

How To Get Hero Badges?

State of Survival Hero Badges

You can get rare or epic hero badges by completing the special intel missions, through the hero precinct building(search; advanced or epic). And, the legendary hero badge from the epic hero search available in the hero precinct building, VIP Store, daily rewards points, or IAPs. Or, spend biocaps. 

Special Intel Missions: – On the base screen, tap on the intel post building and then tap on the intel mission. Some missions grant hero badges; epic grade or rare grade once you complete them. Do note that not all the missions grant hero badges. 

Hero Precinct: – On the base screen, tap on the hero precinct building and tap on the search button. There you will find two banners; the advanced search banner and the epic search banner. You get free draws every day or spend epic search maps or advanced search maps. You can get free maps by using these codes or from the missions, events. 

Ranking Up Heroes⇓

Ranking Up heroes not only require the hero badges but also the fragments of that hero.

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  1. This still doesn’t explain how I can use an Epic or Legendary Hero Badge to upgrade my Hero, and I have several hundred of them.