Second Galaxy FAQ – Ship Not Qualified, Ship Maker Does Not Meet The Requirement

What does it mean when it says the ship is not qualified and the ship maker does not meet the requirement while doing missions in Second Galaxy Game

If you have been playing Second Galaxy game for a while now, you are likely to face this problem. While doing the missions, it does not let you choose the ship because of two main reasons; your ship maker does not meet the requirement or the selected ship is not qualified to the battle. In this Second Galaxy FAQ post, we will learn how to fix this and what things you need to know about ship maker and ship qualification. Before you head further, make sure to read these guides first –

Second Galaxy Ship Selection Process In The Missions

In the missions or main plot missions, you need a specific type of ship or there might be nation requirement too. There is a wide range of ships available in Second Galaxy – and, all these ships belong to specific role/type – Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship, Industrial Ship. Another requirement that you need to meet is of the ship maker. Four nations build these types of ships. If you don’t know about the nations, check this Second Galaxy Nation guide.

Now, how do you check which type of ship is qualified and which ship maker meets the requirement?

Second Galaxy Ship Selection GuideIt’s very simple. Head to the Ops mission -> Main Plot -> Tap the Go button to select the ship. Now, at the top-right corner of the ship selection screen, pay attention to the ship types symbol and nation’s flag. The nation’s flag displays which nation or ship maker meets the requirement – it means, you need to select a ship made by that nation.

Tap the ship type symbol to check which type of ship is qualified for the battle.

Second Galaxy Guide To Ship Selection

To set up the ships that you want to select in the missions, go to the ship hangar. There you can package the existing ships and select new ships. Tap the select button and on the next screen, use the filter function to see ships by their type. Depending on your mission, select the ship. Once selected, at the top-right of the ship hangar menu, you can check its nation; NEF, ECD, RS, OE, etc. If you don’t have that ship, you will need to acquire the license for that ship so that your pilot can run it. Also, you need to buy it from the mall.

So that would be all in this Second Galaxy FAQ guide to ship selection in the missions. We will soon post the license, ships, and all the guides here. So stay tuned. And, if you have just started playing the game, we would strongly recommend you to check these guides – it explains every basic thing of the game in a simple way.

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