Skills Guide: Weapon, Supplies, Evolution(September 2022)

Read on for Skills Guide. Skills Guide Weapon, Supplies, Evolution

Article Content: Skills Guide: Weapon, Supplies, Evolution

In, there are two types of skills that you can choose during the battle progress; weapon skills and supply skills. Each skill has unique traits and can be upgraded to a max of 5-star. Weapon skills can go beyond the 5-star upgrade level – the EVO grade level. Before you proceed further, please check the tier list and redeem these codes. Skills Guide: How To Get Evo Skill?

5-Star Weapon Upgrade + Required Supply = Evo Skill. To get an evolution skill, you will need to upgrade the weapon skill to 5-star and have the required supply skill. Below, we have listed all the weapon skills and supply skills and the combination required to unlock the evolution skill. Weapon Skills:

  • Katana
  • Kunai
  • RPG
  • Drill Shot
  • Boomerang
  • Guardian
  • Forcefield Device
  • Lightning Emitter
  • Soccer Ball
  • Molotov
  • Brick
  • Type-B-Drone
  • Durian
  • Shot Gun
  • Durian
  • Baseball Bat
  • Laser Launcher

Also, see – tier list and redeem these codes. Supply Skills:

  • Ronin Oyoroi
  • Koga Ninja Scroll
  • HE Fuel
  • Armor Thruster
  • Hi-Power Magnet
  • Exo-Bracer
  • Energy Drink
  • Energy Cube
  • Sports Shoes
  • Oil Bond
  • Fitness Guide
  • Type-A-Drone
  • Fitness Guide

Also, see – tier list and redeem these codes. Evo Skills:

  • Demon Blade
  • Spirit Shuriken
  • Sharkmaw Gun
  • Whistling Arrow
  • Magnetic Dart
  • Defender
  • Pressure Forcefield
  • Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell
  • Quantum Ball
  • Fuel Barrel
  • Dumbell/1 Ton Iron
  • Destroyer
  • Caltrops
  • Death Ray/Matrix
  • Lucille
  • Gatling

Also, see – tier list and redeem these codes.

How To Get Demon Blade Evo Skill

5-Star Katan Weapon Skill + Ronin Oyoroi Supply Skill = Demon Blade Evo Skill

How To Get Spirit Shuriken Evo Skill

5-Star Kunai Weapon Skill + Koga Ninja Scroll Supply Skill = Spirit Shuriken Evo Skill

How To Get Sharkmaw Gun Evo Skill

5-Star RPG Weapon Skill + HE Fuel Supply Skill = Sharkmaw Gun Evo Skill

How To Get Whistling Arrow Evo Skill

5-Star Drill Shot Weapon Skill + Ammo Thruster Supply Skill = Whistling Arrow Evo Skill

How To Get Magnetic Dart Evo Skill

5-Star Boomerang Weapon Skill + Hi-Power Magnet Supply Skill = Magnetic Dart Evo Skill

How To Get Defender Evo Skill

5-Star Guardian Weapon Skill + EX-Bracer Supply Skill = Defender Evo Skill

How To Get Pressure Forcefield Evo Skill

5-Star Forcefield Device Weapon Skill + Energy Drink Supply Skill = Forcefield Evo Skill

How To Get Thunderball Power Cell Evo Skill

5-Star Lightning Emitter Weapon Skill + Energy Cube Supply Skill = Thunderball Power Cell Evo Skill

How To Get Quantum Ball Evo Skill

5-Star Soccer Ball Weapon Skill + Sports Shoes Supply Skill = Quantum Ball Evo Skill

How To Get Fuel Barrel Evo Skill

5-Star Molotov Weapon Skill + Oil Bond Supply Skill = Fuel Barrel Evo Skill

How To Get Dumbell Evo Skill

5-Star Brick Weapon Skill + Fitness Guide Supply Skill = Dumbell Evo Skill

How To Get Destroyer Evo Skill

5-Star Type-B-Drone Weapon Skill + Type-A-Drone Supply Skill = Destroyer Evo Skill

How To Get Caltrops Evo Skill

5-Star Durian Weapon + HE Fuel = Caltrops Skill

How To Get Death Ray/Matrix Evo Skill

5-Star Laser Launcher Weapon + Energy Cube = Death Ray/Matrix Skill

How To Get Gatling Evo Skill

5-Star Shot Gun Weapon + Hi Power Fuel = Gatling Evo Skill

How To Get Lucille Evo Skill

5-Star Baseball Bat Weapon + Fitness Guide = Lucille Evo Skill

Also, see – tier list and redeem these codes.

Also, see –

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