Tech Parts Tier List Guide [April 2024]

Read on for Tech Parts Tier List Guide. Tech Parts Tier List Guide Tech Parts Tier List Guide

Tech Parts, like the gears(weapon/armor/necklace, etc.), pump up the character’s stats like HP and ATK and enhance the skill’s performance. For instance, Energy Diffuser is one of the tech parts in the game, which increases the ATK and enhances the Molotov skill by making the fire spread. This post covers the tech parts tier list ranking all tech parts. 

Before you proceed further, we would like you to check the best weapon/skill tier list here and the gift codes that you can redeem for freebies. Now let’s not waste any time and check the tech parts tier list guide.

How To Get Tech Parts In

Players can obtain tech parts by doing the daily challenges or from the shop in exchange for gems. 

How To Upgrade Tech Parts In

By merging the two tech parts of the same grade, you can make an upgrade. For instance, merge X2 normal grade tech parts to get X1 good tech part. On the equipment -> merge screen, you will select the tech part you want to upgrade and then select the two same tech parts of the same grade. 

X2 Green/Good tech parts -> X1 Better/Blue tech part. X2 Better/Blue tech part -> X1 Purple/Excellent Tech Part. 

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  • Quantum Polarizer
  • Phase Converter
  • Antimatter Generator
  • Nanobot
  • Gravity Controller
  • Hi-Maintainer
  • Exo-Skeleton
  • Energy Diffusor
  • Precision Device
  • Energy Collector
  • Conductive Device
  • Annihilator

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Tier 1(Best) > Tier 2(Good) > Tier 3(Decent) > Tier 4(Average)

  • Phase Converter – Tier 1
  • Quantum Polarizer – Tier 1
  • Antimatter Generator – Tier 1
  • Exo-Skeleton – Tier 2
  • Energy Collector – Tier 2
  • Gravity Controller – Tier 2
  • Precision Device – Tier 2
  • Annihilator – Tier 2
  • Hi-Maintainer – Tier 2
  • Energy Diffuser – Tier 3
  • Nanobot – Tier 3
  • Conductive Device – Tier 4

Phase Converter – Tier 1

  • Increases ATK
  • Lightning Emitter; Bolt Count at all levels + 2

Quantum Polarizer – Tier 1

  • Increases ATK
  • Attack Type
  • Soccer Ball: Increases DMG dealt by Soccer Ball

Antimatter Generator – Tier 1

  • Increases ATK
  • Attack Type Drill Shot: Drill Flight Speed Increases

Exo-Skeleton – Tier 2

  • Increases HP
  • Defense Ty[e
  • Guardian: Knockback distance doubled

Energy Collector – Tier 2

  • Increases HP
  • Defense Type
  • Forcefield: Energy Compression(Range shrinks 25%, doubles DMG)

Gravity Controller – Tier 2

  • Increases HP
  • Defense Type
  • Brick: Heavy like it(Brick penetrates all enemies)

Precision Device – Tier 2

  • Increases ATK
  • Attack Type
  • Drone: Homing((Missiles home in on enemies in range. Reduced firing rate)

Annihilator – Tier 2

  • Increases ATK
  • Attack Type
  • Laser Launcher: Lasers slow down the enemies when they receive hits from it

Hi-Maintainer – Tier 2

  • Increases HP
  • Defense Type
  • RPG/Rocket: Shot CD -0.5 seconds

Energy Diffuser – Tier 3

  • Increases ATK
  • Attack Type
  • Molotov: Fire will spread

Nanobot – Tier 3

  • Increases HP
  • Defense Type
  • Durian: Flight control; durian would not stray too far from you

Conductive Device – Tier 4

  • Increases HP
  • Defense Type
  • Boomerang: You can collect the boomerang to reset its CD

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So that’s all we got in this post on Tech Parts tier list guide.

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  1. Do these tech parts apply only to non Evo skills or to also Evo skills? I found info that soccer tech (+30 %DMG) doesn’t apply to Evo soccer… So i wonder how does it work to other tech parts and Evo skills