Ulala Assassin Build: Skills, Strength Info

Ulala: Idle Adventure AssassinWant to try Assassin class in Ulala game? Check out his skills and bonuses which make him different from others – Ulala Assassin build, skills info

In this post, you will get to know about the assassin class. One of the melee classes in Ulala game – well-known for the melee attacks & massive DPS skills. If you have just started playing the game and wondering what are assassin skills, his info; gears, role, etc., then you are on the right page. Also, make sure to read our previous articles -> ⇒Pets & Pets’ Benefits in Ulala, ⇒Assassin Build, ⇒Is Assassin Good? Best Class?Full Guide & Tips On Ulala. Let’s head to the main content – Ulala: Idle Adventure Assassin Build, Skills & Info.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Assassin Class: –

  • Type – Melee Range
  • Role – DPS
  • Strength – Dealing Damage
  • Weakness – Low Survival Rate, Less Support To Allies
  • Weapon – Dagger
  • Off-Hand Weapon – Stiletto
  • Hairband – Gorilla Hairband
  • Bracer – Gorilla Bracer
  • Ring – Beast Bone
  • Armor – Gorilla Shirt
  • Shoes – Gorilla Boot
  • Necklace – Beast Tooth

Ulala Assassin Build: –

The assassin might not be the best DPS class in the early game. But if you have selected him as the main class, then we recommend you to spend the energy points on the attribute score that can boost the assassin’s performance in the combat. Our Assassin build – TECH or INT. INT for more attack, TECH for armor/CRIT. Skill Build for Assassin – best skills for assassin – poison, cloak, slam, backstab. 

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Best Skills For Assassin: –

  • Cloak of Bush
  • Pounce
  • Rupture
  • Backstab
  • Poison Coat
  • Reverberating Slam

Assassin’s skills details are mentioned below. 

Ulala: Idle Adventure Assassin Skills: –

  • Reckless Lunge

The first an assassin get in Ulala: Idle Adventure. Using this skill, assassin attacks the enemy 3 times – and each hit deals massive damage to the enemy. By upgrading the skill, you can increase the damage.

  • Reverberating Slam

Normal quality skill – cast it to inflict ATK damage to the enemy. Unlocks in Sabada Rainforest.

  • Double Throw Knives

AoE Damage – Hurl throwing knives at 3 random enemies – dealing attack damage. Unlocks in Sabada Rainforest.

  • Bounce bounce bounce

AoE Damage – assassin’s knife will bounce between enemies and inflict attack damage. Unlocks in Sabada Rainforest.

  • Cloak of Bush

The assassin takes cover as a bush to gain control immunity for a few seconds and increase damage mitigation and attack. Unlocks in Sabada Rainforest.

  • Pounce

This skill grants technique points to the assassin. Also, inflicts damage on the enemy. Each technique point increases evasion by 1%. Unlocks in Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Pursuing

Another skill to crush the enemy – the lower the enemy’s HP, the higher the damage. Unlocks in Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Roundhouse

Kicks the enemy – inflicting damage and interrupting the target. Unlocks in Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Backstab

Use/Effect – Assassin creates a phantom and instantly move it(phantom) behind the enemy – dealing attack damage. Also, the phantom will launch a bonus attack for each technique point. Unlocks in Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Fan of Knives

AoE – Inflict attack damage on 3 random enemy units and gain combo. Unlocks in Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Scatter Blade

Inflict attack damage to the enemy and remove 1 buff. If the buff gets removed, damage will be increased. Unlocks in Bata Desert.

  • Fatal Knife

AoE – Inflict massive attack damage on 3 enemy units. If in the Combo state, damage increases. Unlocks in Bata Desert.

  • Rupture

Inflict bleeding damage attack over a few seconds and gain 3 technique points. Each technique point increases evasion by 1%. Unlocks in Bata Desert.

  • Lacerations

Deal attack damage to the enemy – the skill power ignores 20% of enemy’s armor. Unlocks in Babao Coast.

  • Zeal

The Zeal Skill of Assassin heals as well as inflict the damage. The lower your HP, the higher the healing. Unlocks in Jujule Volcano.

  • Ambush

The ambush skill casts up to 2 technique points to inflict attack damage to the enemy + stun the target for a few seconds. Each technique point extends the stun duration by a few seconds.

  • Poison Coat

Apply bonus poison effect to the enemy. Each layer of poison causes attack DPS for a few seconds. 1 layer is added upon each basic attack dealt by an assassin to a max of 15 layers. When the target dies, the seals will be passed on to nearby enemy units. Unlocks in Sinbad Rainforest.

  • Swiftwind Daggers

Hurl 4 throwing knives randomly – each inflicting attack damage. If the same target is hit consecutively, the damage dealt decreases. Unlocks in Toto Plain.

  • Fish Bone Throwing Knife

Throw between 1 and 3 fishbone throwing knives with a barb to inflict attack damage to the enemy. If the enemy targets have poison, damage increases by 25%. Unlocks in Toto Plain.

  • Mortal Wounds

Inflict attack damage to the enemy and lower the target’s healing for a few seconds. Unlocks in Cobo Coast.


As stated in the beginning, Assassin’s strength is to deal damage to the enemies. When choosing the skills, read the skill stats as well as effect details. Some skills provide AoE damage while some apply buffs or remove buffs. For the best build, it would be better to choose the best Damage or AoE damage skills.

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So this would be all in this post on Ulala Assassin build, skills info. 

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  1. where’s shiv on the best skills list? poison coat is INCOMPLETE without it, and they’re the 2 overall single-target best skills EVER.

    • also sin skills: poison cloak slam backstab? lacerations outdamages even slam II, and rupture nets u 3 technique points to use in backstab fr 3 more bonus attacks. I tried this build and i dont have that much power compared to cloak-poison-lacerations-shiv. Even then it doesn’t work fr every boss.