Ulala Shaman Build: Skills, Strength Info

Ulala: Idle Adventure Shaman SkillsWondering how Shaman in Ulala helps you in the battle? What type of skills makes her different from other classes? Check Ulala Shaman Build, Skill info

In this post, we will get to know about the Shaman Class. Our reason behind picking the Shaman Class in Ulala was pretty straightforward – to experience her awesome healing skills, performance, and skill set. If you want to know how she performs in the battle – her skills info, type, role, etc., then make sure that you read this full post. And, before you do that, we would strongly recommend you to check our old guides ⇒Pets, ⇒Class Build, Best Classes, Guide & Tips. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Ulala: Idle Adventure Shaman Build, Skills & Info.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Shaman Class: –

  • Type – Ranged
  • Role – Healing & Support
  • Strength – Healing
  • Weakness – Less Damage, Less Protective
  • Exclusive Weapon – Jade Tambourine
  • Exclusive Off-Hand Weapon – Bone Flute
  • Headwear – Jade Headwear
  • Bracer – Jade Bracer
  • Ring – Beast Bone
  • Robe – Jade Robe
  • Shoes – Jade Shoes
  • Necklace – Beast Tooth

Ulala Shaman Build: –

Shaman is one of the healer classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure. Being a healer, you would be supporting the allies by healing them. And, to improve the healing strength, we recommend allocating the energy points on the best build score so that you can heal more and your team can get the most support. Our Ulala Shaman Build – INT or TECH. INT increases attack/healing. Tech increases CRIT/more healing. Share your Ulala Shaman build recommendation in the comments below. 

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Best Skills For Shaman: –

  • Life Totem
  • Font of Purge
  • Recovery Totem
  • Ancestral Protection

The skills’ details are mentioned below. Share your opinions on the best skills in the comments below. 

Ulala: Idle Adventure Shaman Skills: –

  • Raine Dance

Rain Dance is the first skill of Shaman. Using this skill, Shaman heals the teammate who is low on HP. Unlock Condition – Primitive Plain.

  • Riptide

Riptide is another healing skill – using it, Shaman heals the teammates with lowest HP – over 5 seconds. Unlock Condition – Sabada Rainforest.

  • Spring Totem

Shaman summons a spring totem to heal 2 teammates with the lowest HP. Unlock Condition – Sabada Rainforest.

  • Drums of Purge

This one is different from the skills listed above. Using this skill, Shaman shields the teammates – preventing them from any debuff for a few seconds, Also, heals them. Unlock Condition – Sabada Rainforest.

  • Electric Shock

With this skill, Shaman deals the damage to the enemies as well as heals the teammate with the lowest HP. Although, the Healing amount would not be that great – but you can inflict some decent damage. A balanced skill. Unlock Condition – Sabada Rainforest.

  • Ancestral Protection

Another magical skill that heals the teammate with the lowest HP + increases the healing by 10%. Unlock Condition – Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Faith Protection

If you pair this skill with Ancestral Protection skill, you will get one extra benefit. This build provides extra protection – Heal the teammate with the lowest HP for 22%(+42) of ATK. If in the Ancestral Protection state, provide the target with extra protection for 10 seconds and heal for another 40% of the HP restored when it is attacked in the next time. Unlock Condition – Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Dance With Me

Shaman heals herself and the teammate with the lowest HP using this skill. Unlock Condition – Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Thunder Heart

Inflicts the damage to the enemies + heal the teammate with the lowest HP. Although the healing from this skill is not quite good – the teammate gets a small amount of HP. Unlock Condition – Chiwawa Gorge.

  • Drums of Recovery

With this skill, you heal the teammate with the lowest HP. The best part is that the lower the teammate’s HP, the higher the healing. Unlock Condition – Bata Desert.

  • Drums of Rain

AoE Healing – Heals 2 allies with the lowest HP. Unlock Condition – Bata Desert.

  • Ancestral Gift

AoE Healing – pray for the ancestor’s strength to heal the party for 10%(+20) of ATK and obtain 1 Ancestral Mark. Unlock Condition – Bababo Coast.

  • Chain Heal

AoE Healing – Release the Ancestral Mark(obtain the Ancestral Mark using the above skill to use it, make sure to build skills wisely – add both these skills to the slot) to heal the party for 13%(+25) for each Ancestral mark you own. Unlock Condition – Bababo Coast.

  • Blessing of Spirits

Using this skill too, you can obtain 1 Ancestral Mark(So you can use Chain Heal). If you already have one ancestral mark(obtained from Ancestral Gift), you will get extra benefit. AoE Healing – heal the party and obtain 1 Ancestral Park. If already own, healing increases by 10%. Unlock Condition – Jujule Volcano.

  • Font of Purge

Using this skill, Shaman removes one debuff from all the party members and increase the HP recovery rate. Unlock Condition – Jujule Volcano.

  • Recovery Totem

AoE Healing – Shama summons 1 recovery totem to heal all the party members. Unlock Condition – Sinbad Rainforest.

  • Life Totem

This totem soaks the damage. When Shama Summons the life totem, it links to the teammate with the lowest HP and soak 80% of the damage. It lasts long for a few seconds. Unlock Condition – Sinbad Rainforest.

  • Surge

Using this skill, you can heal two allies with the lowest HP. Also, shorten the skill’s casting time by 40%. Unlock Condition – Toto Plain.

  • Ancestral Aegis

Protects the teammate who is low on HP. Within 10 seconds, heal 3%(+6) of ATK for each basic attack it receives. It can be triggered 15 times. Unlock Condition – Toto Plain.

  • Fury of the Ancestors

AoE Damage – Inflicts the damage to all the allies and lower the enemy’s healing by 15%. Unlock Condition – Cobo Coast.

  • Charm Dance

AoE Damage+Silences the target for a few seconds. Unlock Condition – Cobo Coast.


We would recommend using the healing skills; self-healing and AoE healing skills. Ignore the damage skills if you want to use her as a pure healer. Also, read the skill details and choose wisely. So this would be all in this Ulala Shaman Class Skills info. Want to know about her? Check these guides: –

So this would be all in this post on Ulala Shaman build, skills info. 

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