BTS World – How To Add Friends In BTS World?

BTS World Add Friends
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Wondering how to add friends in BTS World game? Here is the step-by-step instruction to add your friends in the Netmarble’s BTS World game

In the BTS World game, you can befriend other fellow managers and help each other by sharing the wings. You can invite them or send them a friend request by linking the Facebook account or use the friend/player code in manual search. Let’s learn in details – How to add friends in BTS World?

Follow These Steps To Add Friends In BTS World: –

  • Go to the main interface/lobby
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the black color + button
  • From the + button menu, choose the friends option
  • On the next screen, navigate to friends tab to add Facebook friends
  • Navigate to “Add Friends” tab, paste the player code and tap the friend request button

Facebook Friends – If your Facebook friends are also playing BTS World, then navigate to the (F) Friends tab and sign in using the Facebook. Let’s learn how to get the player code and share with friends so that you can send the request to each other.

How To Get The Player Code?

In BTS World, each player has a unique id which can be found in the profile menu. To copy the code or player ID, navigate to the lobby(main interface/home screen of the game) -> at the top of the screen, near the player name/level, tap the profile avatar(round shaped army default profile avatar) -> there you will find a code -> tap the copy button to copy it and head back to the friends menu and search using this code.

To accept the friend request: – go to friends menu screen again -> navigate to the accept tab and there you can find all the players’ requests. Tap the “Accept all” button to accept all the friends’ requests at once.

How To Delete Friends?

To delete friends or unfriend someone, tap the black color + button at the bottom of the main screen -> friends -> friend list -> tap the X option at the top-right of their avatar. Why do you need to delete friends? Having active friends is really important – if most of the friends are offline for a long time, you should remove them and add more random friends(you can do it via the friends’ menu) – to get up to 50 free wings daily.

 How Many Friends You Can Have In BTS World?

You can have up to 50 friends.

How Do I Share Wings With My Friends And How Do I Receive Wings Sent By Them?

You can send or receive up to 50 wings daily(per day limit). To send the wings, follow these steps: –

  • Tap the + button
  • Choose friends option
  • Tap the black color share button at the bottom of friend’s profile avatar
  • Or tap the send to all button to send wings to all the friends at once

To receive wings, tap the inbox icon at the top-right corner of the main interface -> then navigate to the “Friends” tab. There you can collect the wings sent by your friends.

So that would be all in our today’s post on How to add friends in BTS World?

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