Adventure Capitalist Tips Cheats And Guide To Earn Trillions In Minutes

Adventure CapitalistCheck out our Adventure Capitalist guide, tips, cheats & strategy to make more money. Adventure Capitalist aka AdCap is a popular Idle game for mobile devices in which you run your own business and attract angles to make more Idle cash, megabucks, and gold.

Adventure Capitalist (AdCap) is one of the best Idle games for Android and features lots of adventure tours. In this game, your main objective is to earn the profit by upgrading the old businesses and expand the business to the moon and the mars. The game also features event mode, participating in these events reward you huge rewards such as megabucks, outfits for the character, and much more. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Adventure Capitalist guide and Adventure Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy guide to earn a lot!

Get Started – The Basic -Adventure Capitalist

Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategy guide, let’s learn the basic of the game. Since it is an Idle game, all you need to do is tap and upgrade the businesses. You have to manage the Idle money and spend on business upgrades wisely. After you become a trillionaire, your business will attract angles. You can claim these angles by resetting the current progress and buy premium upgrades in exchange for these angles. Upon resetting the current progress, you will also get a multiplier bonus that increases the multiplier bonus by multiple times.

Once you earn $100 trillion, you can unlock The Moon adventure. It is same as The Earth. You can use Idle Cash or money, earned from these adventures to obtain megabucks. Use these megabucks to unlock The Mars adventure. Adventure Capitalist is a big game and there are thousands of upgrades you have to do to earn a lot! Let’s start the Adventure Capitalist guide and after it, check out our Adventure Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Adventure Capitalist Guide

In this part, we will learn about the adventures, events, dress/outfits, megabucks, how to earn mega bucks, gold, how to earn gold for free, The Mars, The Moon, business, angles, profit multiplier, and much more.

  • Adventures

You start the game from “The Earth” adventure. As of now, there are two more adventures; The Moon & The Mars. To unlock “The Moon” adventure, you need $100 Trillion. And to unlock “The Mars” adventure, you need 100 Megabucks. The gameplay is similar in all these adventures; all you need to do is buy & upgrade the businesses. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the menu -> adventures -> mission control.

  • Events

You can earn a number of rewards by participating in the events. Just launch the event(if available) and you could earn megabucks, gold, character’s outfits, and much more. Go to the adventure section of the game -> events -> launch.

  • Dress/Outfits

Tap on the avatar(at the top-left of the screen). Head to the inventory tab and there you can check all the outfits or dress you have. These outfits add a bonus and help you in making more money. For instance: –

  • Lunar Pants -> Adds a 25% boost to the base speed of your cheese mines on the moon
  • Tip-Top Tuxedo Pants -> Adds a 30% boost to the base speed of your donuts shops on the earth.

You can equip or unequip an item anytime. For example; if you are playing “The Earth” adventure, then equip those items which can boost the profit to one of your businesses established on the earth.

If you are playing the moon adventure, then equip those items which can boost the profit to one of your businesses established on the moon.

Just tap on an outfit to check more detail.

  • Gold

Gold is one of the precious items in Adventure Capitalist game. You can earn gold every day for free by watching the video ad. Just tap on the ad offers on the right side of the screen.

You can also earn gold in Adventure Capitalist game by reaching the milestone levels[tap on the menu -> unlocks -> check milestone levels there].

  • Megabucks

Megabucks is another one of the valuable in-game items in Adventure Capitalist game. You use megabucks to unlock The Mars Adventure.

You can also use megabucks to obtain the mega ticket.

  • Megatickets

Mega Ticket is a premium item in Adventure Capitalist game. You can use this mega ticket to increase the profit of a particular business. For the first time, you can increase it by 7.77 times. For instance, you are earning $1 Quadrillion per second from the oil company.

If you use the mega ticket to add the mega boost to the oil company, the amount of profit will increase from $1 Quadrillion to $7 Quadrillion.

How to obtain Mega Ticket in Adventure Capitalist?

  1. Tap on the menu
  2. Go to adventures tab
  3. Head to Mega Boost

Spend 20 gold to obtain 1 mega ticket or 10 megabucks to obtain 1 mega ticket.


You can also obtain 20 mega tickets in exchange for 180 gold or 90 megabucks.

How to earn megabucks?

You can earn mega bucks by participating in special events or normal events.

Tap on the menu -> adventures -> currency exchange. Spend earth dollars and get mega bucks. It costs you $1 Decillion(for 1 megabuck).

  • Angles, Reset, Profit Multiplier

As stated above, after you become a trillionaire, you can reset the current progress. Tap on the menu -> investors.

Resetting the current progress benefits you in a number of ways: –

  1. You will get angles
  2. Profit Multiplier

Angles Guide ->

Upon resetting the current progress, the player can claim angles. Later you can use these angles to unlock angle upgrades. Tap on the menu -> upgrades -> angles -> and there you can spend angles to unlock premium upgrades.

Profit Multiplier

Adventure CapitalistBefore you claim the angles, check out the profit multiplier rate. For example -> If it is 5%, then all the businesses’ profit will be increased by 5%.

For instance; Suppose, you were making $500 Trillion from a business at level 100. And you reset the game progress and get 5% profit bonus rate. Now, you will earn $2500 Trillion from that business at level 100.

But before you reset the game again, make sure the rate of profit is doubled. For instance, if it was 5%, then this time it should be 10-15%. If not, then upgrade more businesses and attract more angles to increase this profit rate.

So, this is is the basic Adventure Capitalist guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some Adventure Capitalist cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Adventure Capitalist cheats, tips & strategy guide:

1.) Don’t Buy Too Much and Unlock new Business

One of the main tasks in Adventure Capitalist is “buy” businesses and make more money. But you should not buy too many businesses. You should focus on new businesses. For instance; In “The Earth” Adventure, Oil Company is the most profitable business. If you are focusing on old businesses; lemon, newspaper and spending all Idle money in buying these businesses, then stop!

Because these are not profitable for you. It would be better to stop upgrading these businesses after level 100 and focus on new business. Try to unlock & upgrade Oil Company as fast as you can.

2.) Upgrade or Buy Business Wisley

You should spend Idle money wisely on upgrades. For instance:- look at the below picture: –Adventure Capitalist

1.) The donuts business is contributing $150M. And its upgrade cost is 8 trillion.

2.) The shrimp business is contributing $1 Billion. And its upgrade cost is $164 Billion.

Why would anyone spend 8 trillion dollars to earn million if we can make billion by spending few billions? So, there is no benefit in upgrading donut business because its upgrade cost is very high and the returns are low.

In short, you should upgrade wisely and only highly profitable businesses.

3.) Don’t Spend Gold On Useless Boosters

In the shop section of Adventure Capitalist game, there are some boosters available and you can buy them in exchange for gold.

Don’t spend on these boosters.

Save gold and buy mega ticket and boost “Oil Company” profit.

If you are playing “The Moon”, then boost that business from which you are making a lot using the mega ticket.

4.) Get Free Gold

Adventure CapitalistTap on the menu -> then at the left side of the screen, tap on the ? icon -> like and follow the developer page to get free gold.

Watch the video ad. Reach the milestone levels. Participate in events.

5.) Reset Guide & Tips

Without resetting the game progress, you can not increase the profit from businesses. So, it would be better to reset at right situation. You will be notified by the game when there is a right situation(i icon).


Before you reset, check the profit multiplier rate. Next time, it should be double or triple.

6.) Quick Tips For Adventure Capitalist Game: –

  • Turn on the TV(at the bottom-right corner)
  • Claim free ad boosters
  • Reach the milestone levels
  • Don’t buy too much
  • Focus on highly profitable business; i.e. oil company
  • Don’t spend gold in useless boosters
  • Buy the mega ticket in exchange for gold
  • Use mega ticket to boost the earnings(only highly profitable business)
  • Check the profit multiplier rate before you reset and it should be double or triple next time
  • Participate in events
  • Dress up according to the “current adventure”, read the dress guide above

So, these are some Adventure Capitalist tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners.

Old Guide -> 

Adventure Capitalist is a great Capitalism simulator game for Android and iOS by Kongregate in which you run your own business and earn a huge amount of money and attract angel investors. Our Adventure Capitalist tips cheats and guide will help you in earning trillions in minutes, progress fast, get free gold

Adventure Capitalist is one of the best addicting Idle clicker games for Android and iOS. In the game, you buy and run many types of business and become the richest person in the world. The game features four adventures/missions; earth, moon, mars, and events. You need a huge amount of money to unlock the moon and Mars mission/adventure. In this post, we have covered Adventure Capitalist tips cheats and using these tips & cheats, you can easily earn trillions in minutes. Before we start Adventure Capitalist tips and cheats, let’s start the Adventure Capitalist guide first.

Adventure Capitalist Guide – Basic

In Adventure Capitalist game, your goal is to unlock all adventures; The moon, Mars. As mentioned above, you need 100 trillion dollars to unlock The Moon adventure and 200 megabucks to unlock Mars adventures. You start the game from Earth adventure and your task is to collect money and unlock other adventures. There are many ways to accomplish this task fast and easily. In the Earth adventure, you have to buy and upgrade these things;

  1. Lemonade Stands – Maximum Level – 10,000
  2. Newspaper Deliveries – Maximum Level – 5400
  3. Carwash – Maximum Level – 5250
  4. Pizza Delivery – Maximum Level – 5750
  5. Donut Shop – Maximum Level – 6250
  6. Shrimp Boat – Maximum Level – 6500
  7. Hockey Team – Maximum Level – 7750
  8. Bank Profit – Maximum Level – 8500
  9. Oil Company – Maximum Level – 9750
  10. Everything – Maximum Level – 5000

Adventure Capitalist game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Adventure Capitalist, upgrade, buying, about gold, and much more. Here’s the process you have to follow in the Adventure Capitalist game:

  • Unlock new business
  • Hire Managers
  • Upgrade your business to boost the earnings in less time
  • Unlock everything
  • Collect money
  • Attract Angel Investors
  • Reset the game progress and get Angel Investors to boost earnings by 2%
  • Unlock The Moon and Mars
  • Take part in events
  • Repeat

To progress fast in Adventure Capitalist game, you have to invest your money wisely in upgrades and hiring managers. Let’s start the Adventure Capitalist tips cheats to earn trillion dollars in minutes.

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Adventure Capitalist Tips And Cheats

In this part, we will talk about how to earn trillion dollars of Idle cash in minutes, how to get gold for free, about upgrades, milestone, and other Adventure Capitalist tips and cheats.

1.) The Primary Task

As you know, in Adventure Capitalist game, in the beginning, you have to manage everything manually by taping on the screen. And a businessman doesn’t work manually, he earns passive income. So your primary task is to hire managers. The managers will run your business and you will earn continuously without taping on the screen. However, you have to spend bucks to hire the manager. If you have enough bucks, go to the menu -> managers -> tap on the hire next to a manager.

Adventure Capitalist Tips, Cheats; Another main reason to hire managers is they will run your business investments 24 hours a day and you earn cash even while you are offline.

2.) Earn Sweet Profit By Reaching Milestones – Adventure Capitalist Tips Cheats

Take a look at your business levels, it is in thousands. Every time you reach the milestone level, your business will get a boost for free without watching an ad or in exchange for gold or real money. All you need to do is upgrade your business levels, when you reach the milestone level of a business, that business will get a free boost for forever. These milestone levels are; 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and so on. So, reach these levels as soon as possible to boost your income. These milestone levels are applicable to all business.

3.) Spending is investment

If you are not paying attention to the upgrades, then you can not progress fast in the Adventure Capitalist game. These upgrades increase the profit rate of business and improve your overall income. Keep note that, more money attracts angel investors and angel investors boost all business earnings. Spend your Idle cash on these upgrades. Go to menu -> upgrades -> tap on the buy button next to an upgrade and that’s it.

Adventure Capitalist tips and cheats; A little investment in these upgrades boost up the overall earnings.

4.) Earn Trillion In Minutes, Get Free Gold In Adventure Capitalist

In this part of Adventure Capitalist tips and cheats, we will talk about how to earn trillion dollars in minutes. It’s quite easy. You just have to use 14 days time warps under the gold shop. The 14 days time warps cost is 40 gold. Now how to get gold for free in Adventure Capitalist game?

You can earn up to 25 gold for free by unlocking all the business in the Earth adventure. The remaining amount of gold can be obtained using this Adventure Capitalist tip:

Tap on your avatar(career) at the top left of the screen. Go to the last option “connect”. From this section you can earn up to 20 gold in seconds; just follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Now you have enough amount of gold to purchase 14 day time warps. Go to the gold shop and get it in exchange for gold. Note; use it when your current progress is good. If your progress is good, you will get more money using time wraps feature.

5.) Boom Boom Boosters

There are many boosters featured in the Adventure Capitalist game. Using these boosters, you can boost your earnings instantly without spending real money. Just tap on the TV icon at the bottom right under the menu, watch a video ad and enjoy the boost.

6.) Miscellaneous tips and cheats for Adventure Capitalist game;

  • Use the time warp express feature to earn billion dollars instantly for free; you will get it after unlocking all the businesses. It is limited.
  • Always open the Adventure Capitalist game with an active internet connection to double the reward collected by your managers for you
  • Go to the menu -> angel investors -> claim angel investors -> watch an ad to get more. You can attract angel investors in the game by boosting your earnings using upgrades
  • Using angel investors, you can boost the profit. But after it, you will start the game from the beginning. But it worth a try
  • Take part in events to earn exciting rewards

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So these are some basic Adventure Capitalist tips and cheats to earn trillion dollars in minutes and progress fast. Download Adventure Capitalist game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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