Boxing Star Coupon Codes March 2021(NEW!)

Looking for a Boxing Star coupon code to redeem free gift pack rewards? Read on for the Boxing Star coupon codes list and get awesome rewards.

Boxing Star Coupon Codes

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Boxing Star Coupon Codes⇓

(Regular updates on Boxing Star Coupon Codes March 2021). Code discovered as of today; x1. Active coupon code status: x0. Here’s the list of all new Boxing Star Coupon codes: –

2021boxingstar – NEW! With this Boxing Star coupon code, you will receive a gift. This code was released on the 29th of December 2020. And, it would not work after January 05, 2021. Copy this coupon code by tapping the code snippet below: –


Boxing Star Coupon Code List⇓

All new Boxing Star codes in an updated code list :-

  • 2021boxingstar – Redeem this Boxing Star coupon code and get a gift pack(Validity: 01/05/2021)

How To Redeem Boxing Star Coupon Codes?

On Android, to redeem the Boxing Star coupon code, you need to go to the game settings, then tap on the support option, and on the next screen that you see, a coupon code option would be there, tap it and input the valid active coupon code and get the gift reward. Please do note that coupon codes can only e used once per player account. 

If you are playing on iOS, visit this link -> and enter the username + the code and hit the redeem button. The code rewards will be sent to the in-game inbox. 

About The Game

Boxing Star is a popular boxing game on mobile by FTT. The game has been available for a long time and ranks at the top when it comes to mobile boxing games. It features PvE content, PvP matches, and much more. The game is available to play for free; with Ads and IAPs. 

So this would be all in this post on Boxing Star Coupon Codes. Got new codes? Comment below. 

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