M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster & Faction Bonus Guide

This is a beginner-friendly M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster & Faction Bonus guide that explains you about the Roster function and how to use it for bonuses

In Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos, you can activate the roster or faction bonus by adding the units to their corresponding faction slots in the roster menu. The roster bonus grants a special boost to the specific faction units. For example – By adding the Charge type units in the Charging Roster faction, you can buff all the Charge type units. If you don’t know about the unit’s faction, please read this M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos Units guide for beginners. This M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster & Faction Bonus guide teaches you all the fundamentals of this function and how to use it wisely. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster Bonus: –

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster

The Roster function unlocks at player level 24. On the city screen or main screen, tap the Roster building to enter the Roster menu. There you can see all the units’ factions such as Castle, Charging, Rampart, Ranged, Defensive, etc. Most of the factions would be locked because of the player level restrictions – by raising the player level, you can unlock the locked roster factions.

Now, tap on any Roster faction; for example – Castle.

On the next screen(Castle Roster), you can add the units belong to the Castle Faction. For example – Marksman, Swordsman, and Monk. By adding the units to this roster menu, you can activate the bonus effects, which apply to all the units belong to that faction. For example – Castle Roster bonus effects implies to all the units belong to Castle Faction.

Tap the instant add button to add the units or tap an empty slot for manual selection. The higher the unit’s score, the more benefits you get.

At the top-center of the roster menu, the game displays the total score, power, and buff/bonus effect – for example – All Castle Units Attack; +12%, Health 12%.

How To Check Roster Bonus Effect?Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster

If you have added the units to the roster menu or roster faction, then you will see its effect on all the units. For example – upon activating the castle roster faction effect, all the castle faction units get bonus stats. Go to the unit’s profile screen -> relevance -> there you will see the faction bonus or roster bonus effect.

How To Upgrade Roster or Faction?

Head to the Roster menu and tap on the faction that you want to upgrade: – at the top-left corner of that screen, tap the book -> upgrade. You will need Roster Runes;

  1. Castle Roster Runes for Castle Faction
  2. Charging Roster Runes for Charging Faction
  3. Rampart Roster Runes for Rampart Faction
  4. Ranged Roster Runes for Ranged Faction
  5. Stronghold Roster Runes for Stronghold Faction
  6. Defensive Roster Runes for Defensive Faction
  7. Necropolis Roster Runes for Necropolis Faction
  8. Caster Roster Runes for Caster Faction
  9. Inferno Roster Runes for Inferno Faction
  10. Offensive Roster Runes for Offensive Faction
  11. Tower Roster Runes for Tower Faction

You can obtain the Roster Runes from the guild store – in exchnage for guild coins. Guild Coins can be obtained by donating currency in the guild.

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So this would be all in this Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster Bonus Guide.

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