Game Of Trenches Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Game Of Trenches is a brand new MMORTS game by eRepublik Labs Limited. Let’s have a look at our Game Of Trenches guide, tips, cheats & strategies

eRepublick Labs, well-known for their MMORTS games such as World At War, War, and Peace, etc. has just released another brand new MMO game, named as Game of Trenches: WW1 on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Unlike other MMOs, the game features a cool user-friendly UI. In most of the similar games, you don’t get this type of UI. It’s easy to access all the buildings and other functions in this game. It’s quite similar to the Rise of Kingdoms game. Let’s navigate to our Game of Trenches guide and Game of Trenches tips, cheats & strategies!

Game Of Trenches Guide

The Basics – How To Increase Power, Resources, Troops Function, VIP Level, And More

Let’s learn the basics first! How do you increase the power in Game of Trenches? It’s pretty simple – (1)all you need to do is construct the buildings at the base and upgrade them every now and then. Every upgrade will increase power. (2) The second method to increase power is by training the troops in training camps. These are military type buildings where you can train the troops – infantry, tanks, aircraft, and field artillery. If you want to train more units at once, you will have to upgrade the training camp. (3) The third method is to unlock/upgrade economic and military researches in the university buildings. (4) Power-up the commanders by increasing their level, skills, and equipment grade.

Resources Guide – How to get and use?

The five resources in Game Of Trenches are food, steel, cash, cement, and oil. The player needs these resources for the building constructions, upgrades, training troops, for the research, decorations, etc.

(1) Produce At Base

These resources are produced by the economy-type buildings – farm – if you build and upgrade the farm in the base, you can collect food every now and then. Oil Refinery – For oil production. Steelworks – Steel production. Cement Factory – Cement Production. House – House in the Game Of Trenches produce cash.

(2) Collect From The Map

(2) Another way to get these resources is by collecting from the map. There are loads of RSS tiles that you can collect and take them to the base for the base growth. Tap the map button at the bottom-left corner of the main game interface -> now, tap search button -> select the RSS that you want to collect -> adjust the tile level(high-level tiles mean more resources, but these are very rare) -> search -> tap the tile -> occupy. That’s it.

(3) Raid Other Players

Game Of Trenches: WW1(3) The third method is by raiding other players. Go to the map and search for the players base manually. Tap the player base and choose to attack. Prior to it, make sure to scout the player’s base. Scouting a base is really important -> send the scout and you will get the scout report in the mailbox -> reports. Now, if the enemy is powerful than the total army(that you can dispatch in a march), then don’t raid.

If the enemy is not powerful, then attack him/her and get the resources. Keep in mind that the storehouse in the base protects a certain portion of the total resources from being raided. You can not steal these resources. For example – storehouse is protecting 300K food. If the enemy has 200K food and you attacked him -> on the top of that, suppose you get the win -> you get nothing from his/her food reserves because the food is protected.

(4) Win Bandit Fights

(4) Defeating bandits on the map also gives resources.

Game Of Trenches Troops Guide

There are a few things that you need to know about the troops – these includes; troops power, stamina cost, troop load, the total number of troops, commander power, etc. Let’s learn about all –

Troops Power – When you go on a raid, you should check the total power. After tapping the attack button, you can choose a commander, adjust the number of troops that you want to send on that attack. The more troops you add, the more will be the total power. So don’t get confused in the total troop power and the total base power.

Stamina Cost – When you send a commander on an attack, the game charges stamina as a cost. The stamina recovers gradually or you can buy it using gold or real money.

Troop Load – On the map, tapping a resources tile will give you some info; resources quantity(total amount of the resources which can be farmed on that tile), march load, etc. Now, when you send the troops to collect resources from these tiles, you should pay attention to the troop load. The troop load refers to the number of resources that your army can collect from it. For example – the food tile has 25K food resources. But the troop load is 15K. So, you can collect up to 15K from it. To increase the troop load, send more troops on the march or use the gathering-type commander(having troop load buff, for example – Archduke Friedrich).

The total number of troops – To send more troops in a march or increase the troop march capacity, upgrade the Headquarters and choose the best commanders.

The total number of marches – Upgrade the headquarter to get more march queues.

  • Level 5 HQ – 2 Marches
  • Level 11 HQ – 3
  • Level 15 – 4
  • Level 19 – 5

VIP Level In Game Of Trenches: WW1

You get free VIP points by logging into the game daily. These points are required to raise the VIP level. The VIP level offers special buffs to the player. For example – At VIP level 6, you get a second builder. You can buy these VIP points using the gold.

Game Of Trenches Commanders Guide

Game Of Trenches: WW1⇒How to get commanders?

You can get commanders from the footlockers. Tap the tavern building and open the footlockers.

⇒How to level up the commanders?

You need Commander XP to raise the commanders level. You can obtain the commander EXP from the quests, tavern footlockers or the best way to earn XP is by fighting the bandits. For the bandit attack march, choose the commander that you want to level up. Win battles and earn EXP. For the EXP items, complete missions, quests, open footlockers.

⇒How to get and use skill points?

Level up the commanders to receive skill points. Go to the commanders’ profile menu -> skills -> spend the skill points to raise the commander’s skills.

⇒How to upgrade the equipment?

The gears of commanders provide unique buffs. You can check these gears on the commander profile. To upgrade the equipment, you need parts. Parts can be obtained from the footlockers.

⇒How to unlock new commander skills?

Reach the maximum level of that commander -> promote to unlock new skills.

⇒How to use the commanders wisely?

Commanders Strategy – You should use the commanders on the basis of their strengths and skills. Go to the commanders’ menu at the top of it, you can read the commander name as well as its type; gathering tank, infantry, leadership, etc.

  • Infantry – Infantry type commanders provide buffs to the infantry troops. If you use the infantry troops in the attacks, use this type of commander
  • Gathering – When gathering the RSS from the map, send gathering type commanders
  • Tank – Tank units get buff when you use tank-type commanders. If you use the tank troops in the attacks, use this type of commander
  • Aviation – Aircraft units get buff
  • Leadership – Whole army units get buff

To check the buffs, tap the equipment icon on the commander profile. For example; Archduke Friedrich’s Haversack skill can increase the troop load, allowing you to collect more RSS from a tile.

Once you reach the max level, you can perform the star-upgrade(promote) to increase the max level cap of that commander.

Game Of Trenches: WW1 – Buildings: –

  1. Farm – Food
  2. Oil Refinery – Oil
  3. Steelworks – Steel
  4. Cement Factory – Cement
  5. House – Cash
  6. Training Camp – Train troops
  7. University – Research
  8. Hospital – Heal injured troops
  9. Supply Station – Send the resources to alliance members
  10. Embassy – Send the reinforcements/troops to the alliance members
  11. War Room – Rally attacks/War with alliance members
  12. Black Market – Get items in exchange for gold
  13. Trenches – Power, Bonus
  14. Headquarter – Max alliance help cap, the total number of marches, march capacity

So that would be all in our Game Of Trenches guide for the beginners. Let’s read our top Game Of Trenches tips, cheats & strategies!

Game Of Trenches Tips: –

  1. Join an active alliance to get help from the members and for other benefits such as gifts, reinforcement, supplies sharing, rally attacks, etc
  2. Always keep training the troops
  3. Heal the injured troops
  4. Don’s waste gold, use it wisely; to raise VIP level or for rare items
  5. Collect the resources from the maps
  6. Defeat bandits to earn RSS, EXP
  7. Get the scout report before you initiate the attack
  8. Clear the fog to explore more areas on the map
  9. Research to get new buffs, troop units
  10. Upgrade all the buildings
  11. Complete the daily missions for footlocker keys, RSS, and other awesome rewards
  12. Use the commanders wisely – on the basis of skills

So these are the basic Game Of Trenches tips for the beginners. Feel free to comment below and share your tips!

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