Honkai Impact 3rd Guide And Tips For Beginners

Honkai Impact 3rd, the global version of Honkai Impact 3 game has just released for Android on Google Play Store. Here’s all you need to know about this 3D action RPG, Honkai Impact 3rd guide and tips for beginners

Honkai Impact 3rd is finally available worldwide. If you have played its Japanese version, t

Honkai Impact 3rd guide

hen you can switch to the English version. Honkai Impact 3rd is one of the best ARPG for Android of all time. The game features cute characters; valkyries and its gameplay is really cool. Everything is well optimized; controls, movement, skill animations etc. In this post, we have shared a detailed Honkai Impact 3rd guide and tips for beginners. Because there are so many upgrades you have to apply to your characters. If you spend your coins or crystals blindly, then you might face difficulty later. Let’s start the Honkai Impact 3rd game guide;

Basic – Honkai Impact 3rd Guide

In this game, you play as Valkyrie and your objective(as a beginner) is to complete the story missions. These missions become more challenging as you progress, the player has to upgrade their characters, equipment, and skills to slay down the powerful enemies.

1.) Upgrades – Honkai Impact 3rd Guide & Tips

In this part, we will discuss all the upgrades; there are so many and you have to spend your coins and crystals on those that help you in clearing difficult stages. Let me explain all the upgrades in details;

⇒ Valkyrie Upgrades

You can access all the upgrades by taping on the Valkyrie under the Valkyrie’s section. There are five types of upgrades you have to take care of in Honkai Impact 3rd game;

  1. Level-Up
  2. Evolve
  3. Weapon
  4. Stigmata
  5. Skill

⇒ How to level-up a Valkyrie in Honkai Impact 3rd game?

Valkyrie needs EXP to level-up. You earn EXP by getting victories in the battles or missions. Once your Valkyrie earns enough EXP points, she will be level up. To boost the level up process, you can use learning chips. Go to the Valkyrie menu -> tap on a Valkyrie -> level -> level up -> select the quantity -> confirm. Leveling up a Valkyrie increases the stats; HP, ATK, CRT, DEFT, and SP.

Honkai Impact 3rd tips for beginners -> Valkyries earns EXP after getting the victories. But only those who are chosen by you for the battle. So choose your Valkyries wisely.

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Evolve – Honkai Impact 3rd Guide

Evolving a Valkyrie increases the performance and power. To evolve a Valkyrie, you need fragments. For instance, To evolve White Comet Valkyrie, you need 20 White Comet fragments. These fragments can be obtained from the story missions and stages.

To evolve -> go to the Valkyrie panel -> level up -> evolve -> tap on the evolve button and confirm.

⇒ Weapon

To increase the attack power and critical hit chances, you have to upgrade the weapon of each Valkyrie. For instance, pistol, sword, and more. In Honkai Impact 3rd game, each Valkyrie has own weapon. To increase the power of weapons, you have to enhance the weapon and then upgrade it.

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Honkai Impact 3rd Tips -> You should upgrade your weapons. Using upgraded weapons, you will be able to slay down the powerful enemies and complete all the objectives.

⇒ Stigmata in Honkai Impact 3rd game

Stigmata used in increasing the damage power or a set of stigmata provides an extra bonus. As you progress, you will get more stigmata. To equip -> go to Valkyrie’s info panel -> stigmata -> edit -> select the stigmata you want to equip.

If you have many; compare each other and equip the best. You can also improve them by enhancing and upgrading.

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⇒ Skill – Honkai Impact 3rd guide

There are two types of skills; active skills and passive skills. If you equip the passive skill, your character will receive the boost automatically during the battle.

Other skills;

  • Leader Skill
  • Combo Skill
  • Ultimate Skill
  • Basic attack
  • Evasion

Honkai Impact 3rd Tips -> Level up your skills to deal damage more. Go to the skill attributes section -> combo skill -> at the bottom left -> look at the sequence you have to use to activate the combo skill. For instance, double tap and hold on the basic attack button.

2.) Captain, Valkyries – Honkai Impact 3rd Guide

Your role is of a captain. At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked. To unlock these features, you have to level up your profile. Just complete the story missions and level-up your profile.

To unlock new Valkyries in Honkai Impact 3rd game, you have to collect fragments. These fragments can be obtained through various stages and missions. So keep patience and play the game.

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3.) Get EXP and Enhancing Cubes – Honkai Impact 3rd tips

Learning chips and cubes are the main items to enhance or upgrade the level of weapons and other items. You can grab these items by completing the academy missions.

At the bottom right side, tap on the girl icon -> academy -> play these levels and you will earn learning chips and cubes. Use these cubes and chips in enhancing the weapons or in upgrading items.

4.) Stamina, Crystal, and Coins

Stamina restores automatically. But you need to wait. If you are in a hurry -> you can exchange the crystals for stamina points. If you have no coins and you want to upgrade items or characters, exchange the crystals for coins. Crystal is the premium currency and it can be obtained from missions, stages, and achievements or through in-app purchase.

5.) Supplies – Honaki Impact 3rd tips

If you want more Valkyries and you can not wait, then go-to supply section -> supplies -> there you can spend crystals and get new Valkyries.

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So this is the simple beginner guide and some tips for Honkai Impact 3rd game. We will soon share the tips and cheats for Honkai Impact 3rd game. Download Honkai Impact 3rd – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018.

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