Idle Car Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Idle CarIdle Car is a brand new car building simulation game for Android and iOS by Lion Studios. Check out our Idle Car game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Lion Studios, the publisher behind popular Idle games such as Cash Inc, Hooked Inc, and many more, has just published another game on mobile app stores. It is called Idle Car! This game is similar to the Idle Human game, which is published by Green Panda Games on mobile app stores. Both games have the same gameplay – the only difference is the models. In Idle Car, you build the car & motorcycle models, while in the Idle Human, you create the human models. In today’s post, we have shared Idle Car guide and Idle Car tips, cheats & strategies that will help you to unlock all the models quickly.

Idle Car Guide

Your objective in the game is to build the car or automobile models. At the beginning of the game, the game asks you to build Sedan. You can unlock new models; sports car, motorcycle, robocar, helicopter, Yacht by diamonds or units. Now, let’s learn how the game’s mechanics work! To build a car, you will need to buy the car components – buy until you reach the max limit. As you buy the car components, you will start seeing the car model on your screen.

Idle Car Units

How do you buy the car components? There is a basic in-game currency called units. You need units to buy car components. This basic currency can be obtained by tapping the spark plug button on the right-center of the game screen. Also, the car components produce these units for you. For example – take a look at the car component’s bar – it will show you the number of units generating per second.

At the top-center of the screen, you can check the number of units earned per second.

Idle Car Prestige

Idle CarWhat is prestige in Idle Car game? If you do the prestige, the game will start from scratch – a fresh start – all the cars, progress, units will vanish. So what’s the benefit? When you do the prestige, you get a boost in units production. As you know that you need units to create car components. And, it takes time to produce units in huge quantity. With this boost, you get a multiplier bonus. For example – If you have earned 1.12X prestige points – then, after the reset(doing the prestige), all the car components will produce 1.12x more units.

The player earns 0.01 prestige points every 3 minutes of gameplay.

On the top-left side, below the gear icon, tap the trophy option to check the prestige multiplier bonus or points. Tap the prestige button to start fresh and claim the prestige multiplier bonus.

Idle Car Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Upgrade The Boosts

The player can increase the production of the units from various car components by upgrading the corresponding boost. At the bottom menu, go to the boosts tab and there you will find many types of boost; for example –

  • More offline unit production – it determines the production limit of units. When you are offline, the car components work idle and generate units. Once the max offline limit is reached, they will stop.
  • More time offline – like the production limit, there is a time limit too. If you want to increase the offline time limit, upgrade this boost.
  • More unit production on tap on Spark Plug – to get more units by tapping the spark plug
  • The boost from the brake system – the brake component will generate more units if you upgrade it/boost it

So there are many booster upgrades that you can improve/enhance to speed-up the progress.

2.) Buy And Upgrade Wisely

One of the quickest ways to complete the car model is by focusing on the best components, which generate more units. Every new component generates more units than the previous one. So if you focus on the newest one, you can easily make more units quickly and spend in old component upgrades. For example – Power Distribution generates for more units than the Tires. Brake System generates more units than the Power Distribution.

In short, focus on unlocking the new components and start upgrading them – these high-level or new systems generate more units than the old ones. Once you a huge number of units, max out the old ones.

On the other hand, if you focus on one single component at a time and ignore the new ones, your progress rate would be low because they generate units in small numbers.

Example – Engine at max level generates 311K per second, while Fuel Tank generates 99K per second.

3.) Grab The Gift Box

A drone with the gift box often appears on the car model screen. Tap it to receive a free reward – usually, you get huge amount of units or a few diamonds.

4.) Grab Free Diamonds In The Shop

Navigate to the shop by tapping the shopping cart button on the top-right -> there you get the option for free diamonds by watching a video ad.

5.) Keep Tapping The Spark Plug

Keep tapping the spark plug to generate units manually. Car components produce units automatically – but you should also generate it manually by tapping the spark plug button – so that you can buy and upgrade more systems.

6.) Do The Prestige At The Right Time

We would not recommend you to prestige for a small 1X bonus. Progress as far as you can – keep playing the game and earn more prestige points. As mentioned above, the game gives 0.01 prestige points every 3 minutes of gameplay. So keep playing the Idle Car game and stock up these points. Once you reach 3X or 5X or even more, you should try it. But, for a low multiplier bonus like 1.21, you would not get any long-term benefit.

7.) Try The Boosters

There are two boosters that you can try to earn units in bulk and quickly. The nitro boost produces 2X units for a few seconds. The Turbo Boost gives you units in mass quantity instantly.

8.) Spin The Speedometer

Spin the speedometer to receive free diamonds or boosters.

So this would be all in this Idle Car tips, cheats & strategy guide. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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