Lumia Saga Pets Guide – Funland, Training, Star-Up, And More

Wondering how pets help you in the Lumia Saga game? Read on and check out this Lumia Saga Pets guide to learn everything – Funland, List of Pets, Training, and much moreLumia Saga Pets Guide

There are lots of pets in the Lumia Saga game who can accompany you in the battles or provide passive buffs when being the Caring Principal in Funland. For starters; the pet function will be unlocked when you reach level 38. Once you reach this level, you will have to complete a tutorial quest; About Pets. On the left-side Quest widget, you will find this quest with a TUT tag. TUT means a tutorial quest. In this quest, you will talk to the NPC; Nia, who will give you a task to catch the bunnies. Once you complete this quest, the pet function will get unlocked and a tutorial on pets will start. But it does not cover all the details. So it could be difficult for beginners to figure out all the things. Let’s learn everything in this Lumia Saga Pets Guide.Lumia Saga Pets Guide

Lumia Saga Pets: –

There are three types of pets in the Lumia Saga game; Defensive type, Attack type, and Versatile. Defensive type pets have high HP, PHY DEF., Mag. DEF. Offensive type pets have high ATK. And, Versatile pets have high attributes in all the aspects; offensive and defensive. The stats of these pets impact the character’s power. So if you level up the pets or upgrade them through training, the character’s stats will also increase. Also, Pets have skills; talent skill and passive skill. Most of these skills get effective when you place the Pet in Funland.

How To Get Pets In Lumia Saga: –

The players can Pets from the Pet Store, Time-Limited Events, Pet Capsules Event, and from the Chamber. Pet Store – Niya, the NPC, is the owner of the Pet Store who sells Pets and Pet items in exchange for Velvet. You can find her in Lumia Capital(tap the map -> world -> Lumia City -> NPC -> Niya[Pet Master])Lumia Saga Pets Guide

Time-Limited Events – Head to the game events menu(not the event center); for example – at the time of writing this post, the celebration event is going on, which you can access by tapping the ceremony button at the top menu. Pets Capsules Event – Go to the game’s events menu -> Pet Capsules – here you can exchnage the crystals to draw the reward from Dragon Capsules that contain Pets and Pet items. Also, see –

How To Level Up Pets?

You need to feed the pet if you want to level up him. Feeding him grants EXP and raises its level. Keep in mind that the pet can not exceed the master’s level. For example – if you are on level 49, then the pet can not exceed level 49. Check out this guide to level up fast: –

Tap the function button in the top-menu list -> pet -> select the pet -> feed -> luxury pet food/exquisite pet food/normal pet food.

Pet Training: –

Pet Training is one of the best ways to raise the pet’s stats. To train the pet, the player needs a pet training ball. You can obtain pet training balls from the events like Wild Hunt, Class Armament, from Old Captain’s Treasure Map, Store, Bond Store, Pet Events, and by releasing the pets. Training the pet increases its aptitudes; ATK, Life, PHY DEF., Mag. DEF. It may reduce some stats.

Star-Up: –

Star-Up increases the pet’s talent skill level, aptitudes. You will need star-up material items to star-up the pet – it depends on the pet’s rarity: –

  • Blue Pets – Sparking Starlight, Cute Pet Heart
  • Purple Pets – Shining Starlight, Cute Pet Heart, Love Pet Heart
  • Golden Pets – Shining Starlight, Love Pet Heart

You can obtain these material items from the Pet Capsules Event shop, store, by releasing the pets, from the bond store. Tap the item icon -> source -> to check all the sources of getting the item.

Comprehend: –

Using the essence, the pet can acquire new passive abilities, which can replace the existing passive abilities. Essence can be obtained from Dark Invasion Mode – Defeat heroic level boss to obtain Pet Essence.

Funland: –

The player can assign the pets to Funland; it has five job positions unlock at certain levels. Each job grants a specific boost to the master. The main spot is Caring Principal; the pets’ talent skill can be activated by deploying him to this slot. Other slots such as the star of cuteness, star of love, etc. give stat boost; defense, attack, etc. Tap the job slot to check what bonus the slot grants.

  • Put your best pet in the Caring Principal job.
  • Offensive pets in the job slot that grants ATK boost
  • Defensive pets in the job slot that grants DEF boost

Go to the function menu list -> pet -> Funland -> there you can assign the pets to these jobs.

List of Pets: –

  1. Bucky – Versatile – Golden
  2. Chirpy – Versatile – Golden
  3. Little Black Ball – Versatile – Golden
  4. Altan – Versatile – Golden
  5. Sir Porco – Versatile – Golden
  6. Elephant Calf – Versatile – Golden
  7. Flame Leopard – Versatile – Golden
  8. Rushing Duck – Versatile – Golden
  9. Fairy Maomao – Attack – Purple
  10. Icefield Leopard – Attack – Purple
  11. Greengrass – Attack – Purple
  12. Eggshell Snake – Attack – Purple
  13. Calf – Attack – Purple
  14. Jackfruit – Defensive – Purple
  15. Long-Eared Fox – Defensive – Purple
  16. Little Orc – Attack – Blue
  17. Little Bunny – Attack – Blue
  18. Little Fay Fay – Defensive – Blue
  19. Shy Mushroom – Defensive – Blue

Best Pets: –

Golden quality pets are better than Purple and Blue Ones. Purple Pets are better than the Blue Ones, but not good like Golden Ones. Blue Pets are not good because they have low stats as compared to the Purple and Golden Pets.

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So this would be all in this post on Lumia Saga Pets.

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