Lumia Saga – How To Get Crystals For Free?

Wondering how to get crystals in Lumia Saga? Read and find out how you can easily earn crystals and spend on the premium items that help you progress fast

Unlike Diamond, which can only be obtained by spending real money, you can get crystals for free. Both are premium in-game currencies and can be used in the store to purchase valuable items that are hard to get. Of course, some items can only be purchased using the diamonds – but it does not mean that crystal is useless. There are some items that you can not buy using the silver coins, gold coins – but you can buy using the crystals. In this post, we have shared detailed info on Lumia Saga Crystals – How to earn and use! So without further ado, let’s dive in!Lumia Saga Crystals

Lumia Saga Crystals: –

In Lumia Saga, the player can earn 100 crystals by reaching the activity level 150. When the player reaches the activity level 150, the game gives him/her an activity level chest that contains 100* crystals and 1* hunting gem. You raise the activity level by completing the events; participate in the events and earn activity points. These points are required to raise the activity level. Reach level 150 asap and claim 100 crystals.

Also, you can get the crystal from the event shops like Pet Capsules.

Activity Level: –

Go to the Event Center menu screen by tapping the event option in the top-right side -> there you will see many events that grant activity points. For example – Pesky Legion event. In this event, you visit the guild encampment and interact with the little elves (talk to them) -> challenge -> defeat them. You will be rewarded with EXP, Guild Contribution, Silver Coins and 10 activity points. Play one more time to get another 10 points. As of now, you can collect up to 20 points a day. So make sure to do daily.

Other events that grant activity points: –

  • Class Armament – In this event, you will get 10 quests to complete. Each quest gives 3 activity points(30 points)
  • Old Captain’s Treasure – You can do it solo – make sure to complete the Class Armamement quest first because it gives you a treasure map – that would be required in this quest(10 points)
  • Pesky Legion – Head to the guild encampment map -> talk to the Pesky Legion(little elf) -> challenge -> smash them down in given time(20 points)
  • Mine Attack – Head to the guild encampment and pick the toy hammer -> slay down all the enemies and then mine the resources(go close to the mine -> collect) (15 points)
  • Time Rift – Another easy event in which you enter the time rift and fight the monsters(10 points)
  • Crusade War – Team up with other players and fight foes on the map(15 points)
  • Normal Instance – Play the normal instance mode(from adventure menu) – for 20 points
  • Use Vitality – Tap the avatar in the top-left corner -> tap the use button next to vitality bar(10 points)
  • NPC Intimacy – Gift items to the NPC(5 Points)
  • World Chat – Send message in the world chat (5 points)

So complete all the above-mentioned to earn 150 activity points and claim the activity level chest.Lumia Saga Crystals

How To Use Crystals: –

In Lumia Saga, you can use the crystals in the event shop or the store. For example – Pet Capsules Shop. Go to the Events -> Pet Capsules -> there you can spend these crystals for a bunch of items that may help you power up the pets or for the pets. Also, you can spend it in the store for premium items. Let’s take a look at both shops.

Pet Capsules Shop: –

  • Rushing Duck – Pet
  • Exotic Gold Velvet – Use in Nia’s Pet Store
  • Icefield Leopard – Pet
  • Bucky – Pet
  • Flaming Red Velvet – Use in Nia’s Pet Store
  • Eggshell Snake – Pet
  • Calf – Pet
  • Greengrass – Pet
  • Long-Eared Fox – Pet
  • Jackfruit – Pet
  • Pure Velvet – Use in Nia’s Pet Store
  • Love Pet Heart – To Star-Up Purple and Golden Pets in Lumia Saga
  • Shining Starlight – To Star-Up Purple and Golden Pets
  • Pet Training Ball – To Train Pets
  • Cute Pet Heart – To Star-Up Blue and Purple Pets
  • Sparkling Starlight – To Star-Up Blue Pets
  • Exquisite Pet Food – Grant EXP to the Pet by feeding
  • Capsules Voucher – To use the Pet Capsules event for above-mentioned items
  • Crystals

Use In The Store: –

Tap the store option in the top-right side -> this will take you to the store; it has many tabs; head to the Crystal tab. There you can spend the crystals on premium items; don’t waste on useless things like silver coins, enhancement stones because you can these types of items by playing the game. Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on Lumia Saga Crystals – how to earn and spend. Do you know more ways to obtain crystals? Comment below to help others!

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