Shiba Force Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Shiba Force is a brand new game for Android and iOS by HyperBeard Games. Let’s have a look at our Shiba Force Guide, tips, cheats & strategies

HyperBeard Games, the publisher of Tsuki Adventure, Kleptodogs, Axolochi, and so many adorable games, has just released Shiba Force on mobile. Shiba Force, the group of powerful and adorable Shiba Dogs fight nasties in their mission to recover the tressure. You use this treasure to decorate the Shibase. The objective is to recruit or collect all the Shiba heroes and also, complete the treasure collection. Just like other HyperBeard Games, Shiba Force also features some mini-games. Now, let’s not waste any time and head over to our Shiba Force guide and Shiba Force tips, cheats & strategies!

Shiba Force Guide

On your screen, you can see the Shibase as well as the Shiba Heroes. Shibase has lots of places that you can visit now and then – recruitment center – to recruit new heroes, TV room – watch the video ads to get free coins, store – to make In-app purchase or get coins in exchange for the diamonds. All you have to do is tap the Shiba and send him to the mission. The normal missions do not cost anything – but, special missions do cost you coins.

At the bottom of the screen, you can check the mission duration. Once the mission gets completed, tap the Shiba and the treasure. You may get toys or coins or diamonds from this tressure.

The Menu – Recruit Shiba, Shibindex, Games, Treasure, Trophies, Gashpon, Store

Shiba ForceAt the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the menu button to get access to all the features in Shiba Force game. Recruit Shiba – Tap this button to navigate to the recruitment center and spend diamonds to get a new hero. Recruitment costs diamonds. Shibindex – Tap this button to check all the Shiba Force heroes that you have collected so far. Tap on anyone to get more details – level, treasure, evolution, etc.

Games – Tap the games button to play a mini-game and keep earning the coins. Treasure – Treasure collection. Trophies – Trophies collection. Send the heroes on the missions to discover new treasures and trophies. Gashapon – Get the free daily reward. Store – Get coins in exchange for diamonds or buy diamonds using the real money.

Shiba Force Currency Guide

The basic in-game currency in this game is the coin. You need coins to send the heroes on missions. The game features plenty of options to get free coins – By playing the game(from missions), watching the video ad, tapping the flying Shiba, etc. Diamonds – The diamond, on the other hand, is the premium in-game currency – that you need to recruit new heroes. You can obtain it from the missions or spend the real money.

That would be all in this Shiba Force guide. Let’s have a look at Shiba Force tips, cheats & strategies!

Shiba Force Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Tap The Flying Shiba Dog Until He Disappears

Shiba ForceNow and then, you will often see a flying Shiba Dog on the base. Tap it over and over again to get free coins – until he disappears. Since there are not many easy ways to get coins, this trick will help you a lot. So make sure to keep an eye in the game.

2.) Send Them To The Missions

Shiba ForceDon’t forget to send them on missions again as soon as they complete the current one. You can watch the video ads to complete the mission instantly or spend coins. But, we would not recommend you to spend coins for instant mission completion. Sometimes, you get free diamonds from these missions.

3.) Watch The Video Ad

On the left side of the recruitment center or the right side of the store, there would be a TV. Keep an eye on it because sometimes it gives you free coins upon accepting the video ad offer. Watch a short video ad and get free coins.

4.) Get Extra Boosters

The heroes in the game earn EXP from the missions. After a mission, the Shiba Dog will gain EXP. On the reward or level progress screen(that you see after the mission) -> you get a free XP reward booster. All you have to do is watch the video ad and get EXP. This way you can level up the characters quickly. Every new evolution changes their look; outfits.

5.) Play The Mini-Game For Coins

Tap the menu button at the upper-left corner and then tap the games button. A min-game will start -> play it to get free coins. If you are low on coins, it’s the best way to get free coins. However, it’s boring. So better do it while watching a movie or anime or TV Show.

So these are the some Shiba Force tips & tricks for the beginners. If you know any other secret or have more tips, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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