Tokyo Ghoul re birth Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Tokyo Ghoul re birth is a brand new turn-based strategy game for mobile by Bandai Namco. Check out our Tokyo Ghoul re birth guide, tips, cheats & strategy to conquer the territory

Tokyo Ghoul re birth¬†has finally released worldwide and challenges you to defeat the powerful foe in the territory battles. The game features a wide range of game modes; territory battles(raid, incidents, strike), story mode, and lots of characters(humans, ghouls). Unlike other games, this one features a very detailed tutorial which is enough for a beginner to master the combat. But still, there are a number of things that you need to know. If you are one of them who is struggling to understand Tokyo Ghoul re birth game’s mechanics, then we are here to help you with our Tokyo Ghoul re birth guide and Tokyo Ghoul re birth tips, cheats & strategy to master the game.

The Basics – Get Started – Tokyo Ghoul re birth

Tokyo Ghoul re birthBefore we head to our main guide, tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s learn the basics first. In Tokyo Ghoul re birth, you play as a human or ghoul(the affiliation process is automatic and your side(human/ghoul is assigned automatically each time the territory battle held). What is it? Tokyo Ghoul re birth is divided into two modes; story and territory. In the territory mode(incidents/dispatch/raid/strike), you play as a human or ghoul. We have explained everything about the territory in the guide part below. For now, just keep in mind that territory battles are co-operative battles(fight for the rank, contribute for your side by earning more points). And in the story mode, you complete the chapters and earn normal rewards.

Go to the territory screen -> tap the menu button -> there you can check the affiliation(human or ghoul). And on the same menu, you can check the ending time, territory level, territory points, captured wards, and who is ahead(human or ghoul). At the end of season/battle, you earn precious rewards.

At the top-left corner of the territory map, tap the points/ranking icon to check your territory points. Tap the ranking button -> proximity ranking -> there you can check your current rank.

To defeat the powerful foe, you will need to reduce its HP to 0 or capture more wards. Since its HP/attack stats are very good, you will need to upgrade the characters; upgrade weapons, unlock skills/abilities, mastery, train. And in all this process, you need a number of items such as the book of augmentation, weapon mods. You can obtain these items by getting victories in the incident matches, raid matches, by dispatching the characters.

And at last, don’t upgrade low-rank units(unless required). Focus on SR or SSR units. So this is the basic Tokyo Ghoul re birth guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the ultimate Tokyo Ghoul re birth guide and after it, read our top Tokyo Ghoul re birth tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Tokyo Ghoul re birth Guide

In this part, we will learn about the territory(map, points, level, modes), characters, upgrades, mastery, battle guide/basics, RC points, selling, items farming, and much more. Pay attention to all the parts.

  • Territory Guide

The battle held between ghouls and humans. The side with most territory points or captured wards at the end of the battle wins the match and all the players contributed in it(by acquiring territory points) gets the reward. Players with 0 territory points will not receive any reward as the game will not consider them as a participant. Let’s learn step by step.

Go to the territory screen -> there is a territory map -> the territory consists over 20 wards. The color of the wards indicates the status.

  1. Red – Dominated by ghouls
  2. Blue – Dominated by humans
  3. Grey – You can send the characters to these wards
  4. Dark Grey – Sealed wards
  5. Green – There is a strike ongoing )

Just above the particular ward, there could be some icons – (i) – incident, attack icon -> strike, blue color/human icon -> a human has raided that ward, red color/ghoul icon -> a ghoul has raided that ward.

Territory Status ->

Head to the territory screen -> tap the menu -> there you can check total territory points and current status; who is dominating the territory? You can sort it by wards occupation or territory points by tapping the switch option(><) just close the update button. And at the bottom of the status screen, you can check the end date and territory level.

How To Earn Territory Points?

You earn territory points by completing the raid challenge, getting the victory in the strike battle, by dispatching the characters to the wards and completing the incident challenges. Let’s learn about all: –

  • Dispatching – Tokyo Ghoul re Birth Guide

In Tokyo Ghoul re birth game, dispatching the characters to the wards yields a number of rewards and also, the characters’ gain EXP(required to level up). All you need to do is select the best characters for this task and send them to the wards.

  1. Tap the dispatch option
  2. Select the ward
  3. Tap dispatch button
  4. Select the characters
  5. Tap next
  6. Check the success rate
  7. Increase it by selecting the assistant
  8. Tap next and confirm

Make sure to select the best characters as not all the characters are specialized for this job. Tapping the auto button on the selection screen would be a great idea to automatically select the characters(with the best success rate). After it, select the assistant. If still, the success rate is low(below 55%), then you can spend gold(Additional fee) by tapping the > icon under additional fee section(after choosing the assistant).

Once done, go back to the territory screen -> tap the dispatch option -> scroll down to the bottom -> there you can check the status; remaining time. You can complete it instantly by tapping the forced retreat button(it will cost you Kaku Gems).

If failed, enemies will capture the characters. Head to the capture menu to check more details. Send more characters to rescue the characters. Or wait, they will return automatically after a certain amount of time. You can pick up to five characters for dispatching.

  • Incidents

To upgrade the weapons of characters in Tokyo Ghoul re birth, you need weapon mods. Weapon mods can be obtained by defeating the enemies in the incident mode. Go to the territory screen -> incident -> on the next screen, you will see the wards(where incidents have occurred). Tap the details button -> select a type(strength/red, speed/green, intellect/blue, light/yellow, dark/purple). Depending on the character’s type, you will need weapon mods. From some wards, you can also obtain the book of augmentation.

  • Strike

You will see an attack icon just above a ward if there is a strike ongoing. Or head to the strike menu to check the battle opportunities. In this Tokyo Ghoul re birth game’s mode, you compete with other players from all over the world for the medals(the number of medals determines the player ranking). Defeat all the opponent team’s characters to get the victory. You will be rewarded with precious rewards at the end of the event.

Win in a row to activate the win streak bonus(defeat the players back-to-back). As you play this mode, the Rc cradle bar’s gauge will increase and at the maximum points, you will be able to draw the rewards from the cradle. You can use a tactic item(read the tactics guide below) to boost up the awakening rate of cradles.

  • Raid

Tokyo Ghoul re birthThis is one of the best game modes in Tokyo Ghoul re birth game. In this mode, you fight against the powerful foe and earn territory points. To win in this mode, keep yourself alive until the last turn. Usually, to win in the raid mode, we have to stay in the battle for five turns. If you get successful in this mission, the quest will be cleared. Since the HP of the enemy is high in the raid mode, you can not defeat him. But you can reduce the HP by attacking in the raid mode. Note – The foe moves to the wards gradually and reduces the territory points. Tap the raid option -> details -> commercial raid.

You need souls to participate in the raid mode or strike mode. You get free souls every day. Each battle consumes a certain amount of souls. Souls regenerate gradually.

  • Battle Guide

Well, the Tokyo Ghoul re birth game’s combat tutorial is enough for the beginners, but if you skipped it, then here’s all you need to know. Here’s the battle screen guide –Tokyo Ghoul re birth

You need AP(action points) to attack the enemy. You can change the target by tapping the enemy in the battle. The green bar shows the character’s HP. Just above the HP bar, there is a skill bar(blue), it’s gauge gets increased as you attack the enemy. After a certain point, you will be able to cast the character’s skill by sliding up the icon.

The yellow bar shows weapon durability; when it decreases to 0, you will see a “break message”. This will restore the AP(action points) of all the characters. You can increase the weapon durability by upgrading the character’s weapon. Read the upgrade guide below.

You can choose up to six characters for the battle; three in the frontend and three in the backend. Slide the character diagonally to replace a backend placed character to the frontend(shift). The number of shifts is limited, so use wisely. Characters in the backend gain HP after each turn. Shifting the character will restore its AP.

So this is the basic battle guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out the characters guide.

  • Tokyo Ghoul re birth Characters Guide

There are five types of characters in Tokyo Ghoul re birth game;

  1. Strength/Red
  2. Speed/Green
  3. Intellect/Blue
  4. Light/Yellow
  5. Dark/Purple

Go to the team menu -> roaster -> at the top-left corner of character’s icon, you can check its type.

  1. Strength type characters are strong against speed type characters
  2. Speed type characters are strong against intellect type characters
  3. Intellect type characters are strong against strong type characters
  4. Light/Dark characters are strong against each other

How to get characters?

You can summon characters using friendship points/Kaku gems/vouchers. In Tokyo Ghoul re birth, you can earn friend points by using another player’s character as an assistant(read the dispatch guide above for more info). Vouchers o/Kaku Gems can be earned as ranking rewards or on completing quests/achivements.

How To Earn RC Points?

RC points can be acquired by selling the useless characters. You can use these points in the shop for the stimulant, EXP book, and more rewards.

How To Sell Characters In Tokyo Ghoul re birth game?

Go to the team tab -> tap the sell button -> select a character -> confirm sale. In return, you will earn gold coins and RC Points. Read the RC Points guide above.

  • Upgrading Guide – Tokyo Ghoul re birth

There are a number of ways to upgrade the characters; train them(level up, increase their mastery level, unlock skills), and upgrade the weapons. Let’s learn about all: –

Mastery Level

By increasing the mastery level of a character, you can increase its passive skill stats. Go to the team tab -> upgrade -> select a character -> upgrade info -> mastery -> there you can see the tree chart. There are two ways to increase the mastery level of a character; use the stimulant item(use RC Coins to buy, read RC guide above) or by training.

Tap the upgrade option -> select the character -> training -> character -> select the duplicate character(Same name, same grade) -> upgrade. This will level up your mastery. And on these levels, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, the impact of passive skill will increase. This will also increase the character’s level.


You can use the book of augmentation to increase the character’s level or repeat the stages in story mode to grant EXP to the characters. Or play territory battle mode(dispatch the members to level up fast, defeat enemies in raid/incident mode).

Upgrade Weapons

Team -> upgrade -> select the character -> upgrade weapons -> upgrade. You can obtain weapon mods by playing the incident mode or in the shop.

  • Tactics Guide

Tactics or tactic items can be acquired by completing the achievements/quest/as a ranking reward. These items can be used to get an advantage in the territory battles. For example; EXP doubler is a tactic item that can be used to acquire the double EXP in the incident mode. If you have, then you can activate it. Tap the tactics button -> choose mode(incident, strike or raid) -> select the item -> confirm. The bonus effect lasts for a certain amount of time.

So this is a short Tokyo Ghoul re birth guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at our top Tokyo Ghoul re birth tips, cheats & a strategy guide to master the game.

Tokyo Ghoul re birth tips, cheats & a strategy guide: –

1.) Target The Weak Enemy To Deal Additional Damage

As you know, the game features an elemental advantage system; strength type characters are strong against speed type enemies. Read the characters guide for more info. In the battle, take a look at the enemies’ element and target the weak enemy to crush him asap.

2.) Break To Restore Action Points

By reducing the enemy’s defense to 0 or weapon durability(Read the battle guide for more info) to 0, you can activate the break bonus. This will restore the AP of all the characters and you will be able to strike more. You can reduce the weapon durability by targetting the enemy.

3.) Shift To Defend And Restore Characters’ Health

As mentioned above, characters placed in the backend gains health points after each turn. If one of the characters(frontend) is low on HP, replace him with the backend character. On next turn, that character’s health will increase. Or you can also save him from the enemy’s attack. Use the shift wisely. Replaced characters’ AP also get restored.

4.) Upgrade The Weapons To Unlock Skills In Tokyo Ghoul Re Birth

All the characters have some skills/abilities. By default, all the abilities are locked. Upgrade the weapons to unlock these abilities. Read the upgrade guide for more info. Unlock these skills to increase a character’s attack, defense, durability, and resistance stats.

5.) Farm Items In The Game Modes

  1. Dispatch the characters to obtain territory points, weapon mods, and much more
  2. Play the incident mode to obtain specific weapon mods(on the basis of the character’s type)
  3. Raid the foe in raids mode to earn territory points+rank up
  4. Strike the players in strike mode to earn medals+rewards from cradle
  5. Repeat the stages in story mode to earn EXP
  6. Play the hard mode in story mode for better rewards
  7. Sell the characters for RC Points/Coins
  8. Choose another player’s assistant for friend points
  9. Use friend points to summon characters
  10. Use tactic items to get an advantage in territory battles

So these are some basic Tokyo Ghoul re birth tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Tier list and rerolling guide

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