Crossing Void Global Characters Guide For Beginners

Crossing Void Global Characters GuideThis is a beginner-friendly Crossing Void Global Characters guide that teaches you how to make the characters stronger than ever

With the increasing difficulty stages in the story mode, you will need to strengthen the team power so that you can defeat the enemy team. If you have been playing the game for a while now, you would have already realized how things get difficult in hard stages or boss fights. And, if you want to crush the enemies before they defeat your team, you will have to power up the characters. In today’s post, we have shared a detailed Crossing Void Global Characters guide that teaches everything you need to know. So let’s get started.

Crossing Void Global Characters Guide: –

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Leveling Up

The character’s max level cap depends on the player’s level or void agent level. For example – if you are on level 18, then you can not raise the character’s level to 19 until you reach level 19. At the upper-left corner of the lobby, the game displays the player/void-agent level. Now, let’s learn about the character’s leveling.

Leveling up the characters improve their attributes such as HP, ATK, PHY DEF, ARCANE DEF, etc. And, with higher attributes, they can inflict more damage to the enemies, survive for a long time on the battlefield, and support the team. So it is one of the easiest ways to make the character powerful.

For leveling up, you need food items or EXP material items, which can be obtained from almost all the stages in the story/chapter mode. Even if you repeat the stage, there is a chance of getting the EXP materials.

The process; to level up a character, head to the character info page/profile from the character menu. There you have to tap the level box/bar. After that, tap on the food item to grant EXP to the selected character. And, you will see the improvement in his/her stats.

Higher-quality food items grant more EXP as compared to the low-quality food items. Also, you should develop the best characters. If you don’t know about the characters, follow this guide: –

Star Level

Unlike the normal leveling, Star Level provides different bonuses. The first thing is the character gets one more star – for example; 2* Asuna to 3*Asuna. What happens when the star level gets increased?

  • Raising the star level increases the max skill level
  • At 3-star level, the character gets passive abilities; ATK UP
  • Increasing the star level improves the character’s attributes

So there are many benefits of raising the star level of a character in Crossing Void Global.

Crossing Void Global Talent & Talent Shuffle

Crossing Void Global Characters GuideThe talent shuffle function unlocks at player level 20. Talent Shuffle helps you increase the quality of a character. A character may reach upper-grade via talent shuffle. For example – An A-Grade Kirito may be upgraded to an S-grade Kirito via Talent Shuffle.Crossing Void Global Characters Guide

Talent Shuffle costs you fragments of the character. You can get fragments of the character by dismantling or from other game sources.

Crossing Void Global Characters Guide – Dismantle

Crossing Void Global Characters GuideTo dismantle a character, head to the character menu and at the top-center, tap the single individual avatar option -> select a character that you want to sacrifice for his/her fragments. And, then hit the dismantle button.


Support characters, as well as the main characters, have amazing skills, based on their strength. For example – characters have AoE Skills, assist skills, single target skills, and much more. And, as you raise the star level, you can unlock passive skills. Upgrade the skills so that character can perfrom much better in the combat. If you want to know about each character and his/her strength, follow this article: –

Cross Skill

Cross Skill effect can be increased by raising the star level. For more information on cross skills, follow this guide: –

Equipment: –

Equipment increase character attributes such as HP, DEF, ATK, CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate, etc. So make sure to equip the gears to each member of the party. Gears can easily be obtained from the story mode chapter stages. Different equipment grants different stats to the character. So make sure to read the equipment details – and, equip appropriate equipment to the character for the max benefit. Tapping the equipment displays the stats it grants to the character.

Stats: –

  • Speed – Higher speed stats mean you will move in advance
  • HP – Health/Hit-Points. High HP means longer survivability
  • Physical DEF – Defense against Physical DMG
  • Arcane DEF – Defense against Arcane DMG
  • ATK – Attack Power
  • CRIT DMG – Damage upon critical hits
  • CRIT Rate – Chances of unleashing the critical hits

You can check the stats of the characters in the stats tab of their profile.

Awaken: –

For awakening, you need an exclusive awaken item(character’s soul) and five common awaken item(s). For example – to awaken Kuroko, you need Kuroko Soul(exclusive awaken item) and five souls(five common awaken items). Obtained from the duplicate pulls from the gacha.

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