Knights Of Fury Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Knights Of Fury is a wonderful turn-based RPG for mobile by King. Check out our Knights Of Fury guide, tips, cheats & strategy to defeat monsters in any difficulty mode

Update – the game is now renamed as Knighthood. You can check Knighthood Guide here

King, the creators of Legend Of Solgard, Candy Crush game series has just released a brand new turn-based RPG for mobile and it is named as Knights Of Fury. The game comes with clean UI, simple mechanics, lots of heroes, challenging levels, and online modes. As of now, Knights Of Fury game features 42 heroes. All the heroes have different stats, skills, and abilities. If you are having the trouble winning the matches or looking for some tips & tricks, then we are here to guide you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a rookie: Knights Of Fury guide and Knights Of Fury tips, cheats & strategy.

Get Started – Things To Know – The Basics – Knights Of Fury Game

Knights Of FuryThe Starting: -Before you head to our main guide, tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s take a look at the basics first. You start the game with two heroes, one knight, poor weapons, common gauntlet, and from the Astellan location(adventure mode, map). In this location, you fight against low-level enemies. In short, you will not encounter any problem. But as you clear all the levels in this location and move to the Highgard, the difficulty level will increase as enemies are very powerful in this location(almost after crossing the level 9).

Building Up: –

The two main characters in Knights Of Fury game are Knight itself, and heroes. Using the gauntlet, Knight can summon up to two heroes in the battle(Selected by you). The battle mechanics are pretty simple: the game follows the turn-based strategy system. First, your knight attacks the enemy (by tapping the screen or gauntlet button). As you hit, the rage bar(in gauntlet) fills up. Also, it charges up the heroes. Once filled up, you can use gauntlet’s skill to unleash the hero’s skill. You can increase the power of heroes by increasing their level. And increase the knight’s power by upgrading the gear set – armor, weapon, helmet, gauntlet. 

Collecting the heroes: –

That’s not a problem. It’s easy. Continue playing the adventure mode stages(from some stages you can obtain hero shards. Repeat those stages over and over again to collect the shards. After gathering enough, the character will get unlocked). Additionally, you can obtain duplicate character shards by sending them on quests(In Highgard). 

Gear Set –

As mentioned above, Knights Of Fury game provides poor-rank(Common) gears in the beginning. But as you clear the levels, you will get high-rank gears(in each location, after clearing a certain number of stages, you will unlock the merchant shop and buy high-rank weapons from there. Additionally, there are many more ways; claim hunt rewards, quests, premium chest, guild shop, and more(Read the Knights Of Fury Tips below).

Battle Guide – Knight’s Attack Vs Heroes’ Attack

Knight’s attack reduces the shield’s gauge of enemies and then reduces the HP of the enemy. Similarly, the enemy’s attack reduces the Knight’s shield first and then HP comes into impact. To strike down the enemy, reduce its HP to 0.

Hero’s Attack – Hero’s attack reduces the HP of the enemy(even if the enemy has an active shield – blue bar above the HP bar). To charge up the hero – attack with the knight first.

Knight’s gauntlet – You can either tap the screen to attack or tap the gauntlet button at the bottom-left corner to attack enemies. The preferred way is tapping the gauntlet as it fills up the rage bar(gauntlet’s skill). You will be able to cast hero’s skill by tapping the gauntlet button when its rage goes full.

Action Points – Action points are required to play the turns. You can keep an eye on the action points at the top-right corner of the battle screen.

Battle Boosters -Some items can be used in the battle in restoring the knight’s health or HP, to increase the damage of Knight’s attack, the elixir to fill the rage.

So this is the basics Knights Of Fury guide for the beginners. Let’s head to the main Knights Of Fury guide and after it, read our top Knights Of Fury tips, cheats & strategies.

Knights Of Fury Guide: –

How To Level Up Heroes?

Knights Of FuryKnights Of Fury game features 42 adorable heroes. Since you can equip only two heroes at a time, it is important for you to level up both the heroes. How to level up? You need shards. Head to the main screen of the game. At the bottom-right corner, tap the Knights button -> head to the collection menu -> heroes. There you can check the list of characters features in Knights Of Fury game. Tap the character. Under the level bar, you can check how many shards are required to increases its level.

How to obtain heroes’ shards in Knights Of Fury? The exact location? On the hero profile menu -> tap the search icon at the top-right corner -> the game will show you the exact location. Usually, you get the hero shards from the adventure mode stages.

Note: Enlighten Guide is coming soon.

How To Get Gears?

  1. From the merchant shop
  2. In exchange for guild points
  3. Defeat the monsters
  4. From the monster cave
  5. Hunt Master rewards
  6. From the gold chest in store
  7. From the gem chest in store

But what is the exact location? Go to the Knights’ menu -> collection tap -> weapons -> tap the weapon -> tap the search icon to find the exact farming location.

How To Level Up Gears?

You need these items to increase the gear’s level(weapons, armors. If you want to upgrade tier 2 or higher gear, then you will need the same tier item) –

  1. Tellurian Bits(Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV, Pure Tellurian)
  2. Volcanite Bits(Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV, Pure Volcanite)

Process: –

  1. Go to the main screen
  2. Tap the knights button
  3. Choose the gear; armor or weapon
  4. Tap the (i) button
  5. Tap the upgrade button

Knights Of Fury Forge Guide – Tier Guide

Knights Of FurySome gears(rare or higher rank can be ranked up through forging). How to forge? You need these items to tier up a gear :-

  1. Forge Stones

The process: –

  1. Upgrade the weapon to its maximum level
  2. Hit the forge button(go to the bottom of the weapon’s upgrade screen)
  3. Use the forging stone

What Is Monster Cave?

Knights Of FuryTravel to the highgard on the world map. Clear the levels. There you will find the mystery cave. Tap the monster icon just above the cave. Visit. Defeat the monsters in the monster cave to earn souls. Spend these souls in the monster shop to obtain high-rank weapons.

So this is the Knights Of Fury guide for the beginners. We will soon add more information to this post(on ranking up, tiers, heroes, and more). Let’s read our top Knights Of Fury tips, cheats & strategies.

Knights Of Fury Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

  1. Defeat the roaming monsters to get the free chest
  2. Repeat the stages to earn XP, gold, items
  3. Save gold and spend in the merchant shop for desired weapons
  4. Claim the gold chest, gems chest in the store menu
  5. Level up gears to face powerful enemies
  6. Don’t level common rank gears too much
  7. Focus on rare or higher rank weapons, armors
  8. Collect the resources from the mine
  9. Join the guild to enjoy guild benefits
  10. Complete daily quests for rewards
  11. Don’t use potions in the easy stages
  12. Defeat the guild boss for rewards
  13. Repeat hard stages to earn more XP and level up fast

So these are the top Knights Of Fury tips, cheats & strategies to master the game. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

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