Eternal Night Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Eternal NightEternal Night is a brand new strategy game for mobile by Zloong. Let’s have a look at our Eternal Night guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Zloong, the publisher of World of Kings and Novaland game, has just released a brand new strategy game called Eternal Night on mobile app stores. In this post, we have shared Eternal Night guide and Eternal Night tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. You will start the game from story mode where you follow the story – fight the enemies & their boss. As you complete the story mode chapters, new game modes such as challenge mode, chaotic mode, and PvP mode will get unlocked. From these game modes, you can earn in-game currency such as gold coins, diamonds, medals, etc. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Eternal Night Guide

There are four things that you need to understand- heroes, followers, cards, and treasure. You play as a hero, starting with Cinderella, you follow the story mode. All the heroes in Eternal Night have different stats, unique abilities, and the deck(Cards set). And, followers are the characters that you can summon in the adventure.

Eternal NightWhen you start the story mode, the game lets you choose the follower or secret treasure. Tap the follower card on the screen before you enter the story mode chapter – and, the list of followers that you have at that time will appear – you can replace the first follower or starting follower before initiating the journey. And, as you progress through the adventure mode nodes, you may attract new followers.

To summon the followers, you must have his/her card in the deck. Keep playing the game and you may get new follower cards or at event point or shop point, you can buy it from the shop – in exchange for silver coins.

Another thing is the cards – after defeating a wave of enemies, you get the rewards – you can pick the cards from there. And, from the shop event or point, you can buy cards in exchange for silver coins. The silver coins are obtained as a reward for defeating the horde of enemies.

And, at last, the secret treasure – like followers, you can pick a secret treasure before starting the journey. The secret treasure provides passive buffs to the character or his/her followers. During the adventure or story mode progress, you may more treasures as a reward. The passive buffs or the treasure icons are displayed at the top-left corner of the story mode/battle screen. Tap the buff or treasure icon to check the details.

Eternal Night Heroes Guide – Attributes

Eternal NightThere are more than five characters featured in the Eternal Night game. But, as a f2p player, you have only three characters; Cinderella, Hoodwinked(12000 Gold Coins), Laura(20000 Gold Coins). The rest of the characters are unlocked when you buy/unlock the pass, purchase package.

All the heroes have these stats: –

  • HP – Hit Points(The maximum amount of damage a hero can take – once the hit points attribute drops to 0, the hero will be expelled and you will have to start again)
  • STR – Strength of the hero. High STR increases damage
  • INT – Increases the damage caused by a magic card or the HP of the recovery
  • VIT – Get extra block from any effect equal to Stamina(some cards grants Stamina)
  • Speed – On the right side of the combat screen, you can check the turn meter. High speed means that you get to attack faster than the enemy

You can train the heroes to increase these stats. It costs gold coins.

Followers Guide

Followers possess the same attributes as the hero does. Also, they have special abilities – for example – Flame Imp is a follower with the skill to steal INT from enemy units.

You can upgrade the followers to increase the stats & skills. It costs gold coins.

Treasure Guide

Treasure in Eternal Night works as a passive buff. For example – Lucky Token is a treasure card – every time you defeat an enemy, you get silver coins. Like this treasure card, there are dozens of treasure cards to discover.

Eternal Night List Of Cards, Followers, Treasure, And Heroes?

Go to the lobby -> open the gallery(book) -> there you can check the list of cards, followers, treasure, and heroes – along with all the details; their abilities, effect, stats, skills, etc.

So this would be all in this Eternal Night guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Eternal Night tips, cheats & strategies!

Eternal Night Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Make The Wish ASAP

As a newbie reward, you get free wishing stones as well as pro wishing stones. You can use these stones to draw high-grade followers – or you may get valuable in-game items such as gold coins, alchemy dust, hero medals, etc. that you can use to upgrade the characters, followers, treasure cards, etc.

Go to the lobby -> tap the candle (Make a Wish) -> spend the wishing stones.

2.) Get Familiar With Hero, Followers, Treasure, And Cards

If you have just started playing Eternal Night, we would recommend checking the in-game wiki that gives you all the information on followers, heroes, treasures, and the cards. There are lots of types of cards – magic, attack, skill, talent, debt – each card with unqiue effect! Some cards can be used only once because of the durability. Some cards heal, deals damage, provides a shield, block effect, etc. Make sure to read the details of each card to master the game. Go to the lobby -> gallery -> cards overview -> tap the card.

3.) Upgrade The Hero, Followers, Treasure, Cards

As you progress through the adventure/story mode, the difficulty level will gradually increase. And, you will surely face some challenges defeating the monsters or their elite boss. So you should get stronger. Go to the gallery -> heroes/followers/treasure -> train/upgrade. Spend the gold coins, hero medals to train the hero/followers. Use alchemy dust, gold coins, golden clover to upgrade treasure cards.

And, in the adventure event, you get the option to upgrade the cards.

4.) Fight Wisely

When in the battle, your objective is to crush the enemy as soon as possible with minimum damage to the hero. So you must protect the hero throughout the journey because HP does not recover automatically. You will have to use the cards that restore HP or use the potions to restore health. Full HP in the last battles helps you win the fight. But if the character loses a significant amount of HP before the boss fight, it may trouble you later.

So use the cards wisely – don’t only focus on dealing damage – also, protect your hero from enemy attacks. Here are some tips to protect the hero in the battles: –

  • Use the cards that grant block effect or extra shield to the hero

Eternal NightOn the left side of the HP bar, you can check the amount of block effect. For example – suppose, it’s 5 and the enemy deals 4 damage to the hero, then hero’s block/armor/shield stat will reduce to 1. On the other hand, with no block/shield effect, the damage will reduce the hero’s HP. So grant block effect to the hero.

  • Summon Followers

Summon followers and use them as a shield

  • Rest

At some point in the story mode journey, you get to rest. There would be two options; restore the hero’s HP or restore followers’ HP. We would recommend choosing a hero for recovery.

#Tip 2 – To use the cards, you need energy. At the top-left corner of a card, you can check the energy cost. On the left side of the combat screen, you can check the energy points that you have. So use the cards wisely.

5.) Complete The Achievements To Get Wishing Stone Pro

In the lobby, at the upper-left side, tap the character avatar -> there you can check the achievement details – complete those events for precious wishing stones pro, diamonds, golden clover.

6.) Collect Daily Reward

Log in daily to the game – a fairy rewards you daily – free gold coins, diamonds, wishing stone pro, etc.

7.) Recruit Friends For More Rewards

If you refer the friends with your code, he/she will get the reward – diamonds. In the lobby, tap the fairy -> recruit -> there you get the code. Share this code with your friends and enter the code in the box -> bound. Our Code – JXJ4pf

8.) Complete The Challenges

Lobby -> pass -> view challenge -> complete these daily/weekly challenges for rewards. You can buy a premium pass for more rewards.

So these are some basic Eternal Night tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Do you have more tips or strategies to share with other fellow players? Comment Below – also, share your recruit code there.

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