Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena Guide – Challenge, Rainbow Stones

The arena is the PvP mode in Ulala: Idle Adventure game where you fight other players’ team. Check out Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena guide-Challenge, Rainbow Stone

In this post, we have shared a complete Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena guide for the beginners. Arena mode unlocks at level 35 – once, you reach the Bata Desert stage 20. Once you have unlocked this mode, you can fight other players and earn rainbow stones. Rainbow Stone is the in-game currency, obtained by defeating the players in the arena mode or from the guild wars. You can use it to get Ulala Toys. These toys grant buffs to the character’s skills. Let’s not waste any time and learn everything in detail: Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena guide for the beginners!

Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena

Ulala: Idle Adventure ArenaTo participate in the arena, you should be in a team – the team consists of four players. Head to the camp screen and tap the arena battle option. On the next screen, tap the challenge button to find players to fight. Once the list is on the screen; three enemy teams – you can choose any one of these teams to fight.

Ulala: Idle Adventure ArenaThere you can also check the strength of the enemy’s team. Select a team to fight and hit the challenge button. Here are some Arena rules that you need to know: –

  • You can get up to five victories a day
  • The game gives two attempts to the player – for arena
  • If you get defeat, you will lose one attempt
  • If you get the victory, you will not lose any attempt/turn
  • So try to get the victory – five victories a day

After getting the five victories, you would not be able to challenge until the next day.

Arena Reports

In the arena menu, at the top-left corner, tap the report option to check the battle history. You can replay the combats by playing the play button next to a battle.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena – Tips!

⇒Compare the enemy’s strength with your team’s strength before initiating the battle. If your strength is more than the enemy’s team, then challenge them. If not, find another team(with less power) for the challenge.

⇒Join a balanced team. The most important thing is to join a strong and balanced team – there should be a tank, 2 DPS, and one healer in the team. Also, choose a better pet.

Rainbow Stones

Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena RewardRainbow Stone is a precious item in the game – earn it by playing the arena mode(get victories). You can use it for Ulala’s toys – exchnage with the Grandpa. N/A – Will be updated soon.

So this would be all in this Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena info. Also, see –

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