Haze Piece Black Leg Guide: BlackLeg Trainer & Style

Read on for Haze Piece Black Leg Guide: BlackLeg Trainer & Style.

Haze Piece Black Leg Guide: BlackLeg Trainer & Style
Haze Piece Black Leg Guide: BlackLeg Trainer & Style

Haze Piece Black Leg

BlackLeg Fighting Style is sold by BlackLeg Trainer, which is located at Baratie/Sea Restaurant[Check Haze Piece map here]. You will need to accumulate 50K in-game bucks to get this fighting style. Here’s a full guide to get the BlackLeg Style: 

Unlocking the BlackLeg Style in Haze Piece

For fans of One Piece and admirers of Sanji’s signature BlackLeg Style, you’ll be delighted to know that you can acquire this powerful fighting style in Haze Piece. Here’s how to unlock it:

1. Reach Level 250 and Locate the Sea Restaurant: To embark on your journey to master the BlackLeg Style, ensure your character reaches Level 250. Once you’ve achieved this milestone, set sail to the Sea Restaurant island. Use the in-game map to navigate your way there. Notable landmarks include Desert Ruins to the south, Logue City to the west, and Marine HQ to the south.

2. Find the BlackLeg Trainer: Onboard your ship at the Sea Restaurant, you won’t have any trouble spotting the BlackLeg trainer. He’s conveniently located to the left of Nami, the Navigator of your crew.

3. Initiate the Training: Approach the BlackLeg trainer and engage in conversation. To unlock the BlackLeg Fighting Style, you’ll need to invest $50,000 of in-game currency.

4. Master the Style: Once you’ve made the payment, you will officially become a student of the BlackLeg Style. This fighting style is closely tied to your Combat stat, so if you’ve allocated a substantial number of points to this attribute, you’ll find the BlackLeg Fighting Style to be a perfect fit for your character.

Embrace the teachings of the BlackLeg Style and unleash its formidable techniques as you continue your adventures in the world of Haze Piece. This style pays homage to the iconic Sanji and will undoubtedly add a touch of One Piece flair to your gameplay.

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