Anime Fighting Simulator X Eri Shards & Overhaul Boss Guide [May 2024]

Read on for Anime Fighting Simulator X Eri Shards & Overhaul Boss Guide.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Eri Shards & Overhaul Boss Guide
Anime Fighting Simulator X Eri Shards & Overhaul Boss Guide

Anime Fighting Simulator X Eri Shards & Overhaul Boss Guide

In Anime Fighting Simulator X, players can encounter the formidable Overhaul Boss, a prominent antagonist hailing from the My Hero Academy universe. Renowned for his exceptional power to reconstruct any substance he comes into contact with, Overhaul possesses a remarkable resilience that even the mightiest of heroes find challenging to overcome. Despite his formidable abilities, Overhaul meets his match and suffers defeat at the hands of Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, during a monumental clash. This multifaceted character has an intriguing history, having once held the position of leader within the Yakuza, adding a crucial layer of depth to his persona within the Anime Fighting Simulator X gameplay.

How To Fight Overhaul Boss In AFSX?

Players must have Eri Shards to fight Overhaul Boss.

How To Get Eri Shards In Anime Fighting Simulator X?

Eri Shards can be obtained from either the Yakuza Commander (1% Chance) or Stain (5% Chance).

Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide To Overhaul Boss Fight: Location & Spawn

Anime Fighting Simulator X introduces an exciting challenge in the form of The Overhaul Boss, a character inspired by the My Hero Academy universe. To locate this formidable foe, adventurers must venture to the island-themed after My Hero Academy, positioned west of the Volcano and southwest of Chakra Tree. Once arrived at the designated location, summoning The Overhaul Boss involves a series of steps within Anime Fighting Simulator X:

1. Engage in battles across the My Hero Academy-themed island, where various members of the Yakuza are scattered. Defeat these adversaries until you obtain the coveted Eri Shard item. Although the drop rate for the Eri Shard is not exceptionally high, there’s a strategic approach to enhance your efforts. Visit the Flacon NPC, who offers a quest to eliminate Yakuza. Completing this quest rewards you with 8500 Yen for every 10 Yakuza defeated, making your pursuit of the Eri Shard more lucrative.

2. With the Eri Shard secured, navigate to the Endeavor NPC, situated in the island’s northwestern region. Initiate a conversation with Endeavor to access the arena, where you will confront The Overhaul Boss.

3. Utilize the acquired Eri Shard to summon The Overhaul Boss into battle. It’s essential to note that The Overhaul Boss boasts considerable strength, warranting a strategic approach for victory. Forming a skilled team of multiple players can greatly enhance your chances of overcoming this formidable adversary.

Prepare yourself for an intense showdown as you engage in the captivating challenge of facing The Overhaul Boss within the immersive world of Anime Fighting Simulator X. Only through careful planning, teamwork, and skillful execution can players hope to emerge victorious against this mighty opponent.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide To Overhaul Boss Fight

Overhaul is a really tough boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X. To beat him, you need a strong team and powerful equipped abilities. He attacks from up close and far away and is pretty quick. You have to be faster than him and avoid his dangerous red zones. If you get hit by those, you’ll lose. He also has a lot of health, so be ready for a fight that could last 5 to 10 minutes. You should have a character level above 120 to survive better.

When you win, you might get a special power called the “Overhaul Quirk.” It’s a rare power, but it can be really helpful.

Just remember, your teamwork, tactics, and character level matter a lot. Be prepared, focus, and work together to take down Overhaul in Anime Fighting Simulator X!

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