Anime Fighting Simulator X Special Abilities [June 2024]

Read on for Anime Fighting Simulator X Special Abilities.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Special Abilities
Anime Fighting Simulator X Special Abilities

Anime Fighting Simulator X Special Abilities

In Anime Fighting Simulator X, each special ability has a specific color that corresponds to the stat it is based on. When you open your Specials Menu, you will see all the abilities your special has, and their colors indicate the respective stat:

1. Red Abilities: Red abilities are based on the Strength stat. This means that the damage and effectiveness of these abilities will be influenced by your current Strength level.

2. Purple Abilities: Purple abilities are tied to the Chakra stat. The strength and impact of these abilities depend on your Chakra level.

3. Green Abilities: Green abilities are connected to the Sword stat. Their performance and efficiency are determined by your Sword level.

It is essential to keep leveling up these stats to enhance the power of your special abilities. By increasing your Strength, Chakra, and Sword levels, you will boost the damage and potency of the respective colored abilities in your special. As you progress in the game, focus on training these stats to maximize the effectiveness of your special abilities and become a formidable anime fighter in the world of Anime Fighting Simulator X!

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