Anime Fighting Simulator X Shiny Rocks Guide [May 2024]

Read on for Anime Fighting Simulator X Shiny Rocks Guide.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Shiny Rocks Guide
Anime Fighting Simulator X Shiny Rocks Guide

Anime Fighting Simulator X Shiny Rocks Guide

In Anime Fighting Simulator X, Shiny Rocks are a special material used to evolve your Champion into a Shiny version. Evolving your Champion into a Shiny one not only provides a stat increase but also enhances its Special Ability, if it possesses one. Here’s how you can obtain and use Shiny Rocks in the game:

1. Obtaining Shiny Rocks: There are several ways to obtain Shiny Rocks in the game. You can acquire them by completing specific quests, defeating powerful Overworld Bosses, or defeating the formidable Pain Boss located at the spawn area. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to gather Shiny Rocks and enhance your Champions.

2. Evolution Cost: To evolve your Champion into a Shiny version, you will need 10 Shiny Rocks for each evolution. This means you must collect enough Shiny Rocks to cover the evolution cost for each of your desired Champions.

3. Stat Increase and Special Ability Enhancement: Once you use the required number of Shiny Rocks to evolve your Champion, it will receive a significant stat boost. Additionally, if your Champion has a Special Ability, the evolution will also improve and strengthen that ability, making your Champion even more powerful and versatile in battles.

4. Exclusions for Robux-Bought Champions: It’s essential to note that Champions acquired with Robux are not eligible for the Shiny upgrade. Only Champions obtained through regular gameplay, quests, and defeating bosses can be evolved into their Shiny forms using Shiny Rocks.

Evolving your Champions into Shiny versions is a rewarding endeavor that enhances their strength and abilities, giving you a competitive edge in battles and challenges. As you progress in the game, be sure to collect Shiny Rocks from various sources and use them wisely to evolve your chosen Champions into mighty Shiny warriors!

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