Pixel Piece Races List: Race Buffs & Best Race [May 2024]

Read on for the Pixel Piece races list: race buffs, what’s the best race?

Pixel Piece Races List What's The Best Race

Pixel Piece Races List: Race Buffs & What’s The Best Race?

Oni is OP. Fishman and Mink races are the best, then the Skypian race. The Pixel Human race is easier to roll for but does not offer anything significant, and that’s why most players roll for the others, like Oni, Fishman, Mink, and Skypian. Evolution update may change the significance of a particular race. Also, see – Pixel Piece Trello, Pixel Piece Map, Pixel Piece Tier List. How To Get Pixel Fruits in Pixel Piece. How To Get Weapons In Pixel Piece? Pixel Piece Controls

Pixel Piece Races List & Race Buffs

  • Pixel Human Race
  • Skypian Race
  • Pixel Fishman
  • Mink Race
  • Oni Race: 2% Chances

Pixel Human Race Buff

  • 1.3x Stamina Regeneration
  • 1.2x Health Regeneration
  • Ability to Evolve (Cyborg) [It will be available soon]

Skypian Race Buff

  • Increased agility
  • Glide from far heights
  • +25 Stamina
  • +25 Health

Pixel Fishman Buff

  • Increased swimming speed
  • 1.3x Exp gain
  • Fisherman Karate (It will be available soon)

Mink Race Buff

  • +100 Stamina
  • 1.2x Increased Physical Strength
  • Electro Combat(It will be available soon)

Oni Race Buff

  • 1.3X Increased PHY[Physical] Strength
  • 1.2x DMG Res.[Damage Resistance]
  • 1.4x Haki XP Gain
  • +100 Health
  • +Ability to Evolve(Elder Oni)

Pixel Piece Races & Their Spin Chances

  • Pixel Human Race – 70%
  • Skypian Race – 15%
  • Pixel Fishman – 10%
  • Mink Race – 3%
  • Oni Race – 2%

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So that covers the Pixel Piece Races List. 

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