PM Controls List Wiki Roblox [June 2024]

Read on for PM Controls List Wiki Roblox. 

PM Controls List Wiki Roblox
PM Controls List Wiki Roblox

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PM Controls List Wiki Roblox

  • The WASD keys are used for basic movement. The W key moves the player forward, A key moves them left, S key moves them backward, and D key moves them right.
  • The M1 and M2 keys activate the player’s left and right attack combos, respectively.
  • The Left Shift key is used for running, allowing the player to move faster than their default walking speed.
  • The Left Control key activates mouse shift lock, which allows the player to lock the camera on their target while moving around freely.
  • The Spacebar key is used for jumping. If the player is an Arrancar or Soul Reaper, they can also move up while air walking by pressing the spacebar.
  • The F key is used for blocking, causing the player’s character to assume a defensive stance.
  • The Q key activates the dash ability, which allows the player to quickly move a short distance in any direction.
  • The R key activates the player’s Reiatsu, which is a special energy that can be used to perform powerful attacks.
  • The M key is used for opening the game menu, where the player can access various options and settings.
  • The K key is used for meditating, which allows the player’s character to enter a state of deep concentration and regain lost energy.
  • The L key is used to open the player’s backpack, where they can manage their items and equipment.
  • The T key is used for air walking, which is an ability exclusive to Arrancars and Soul Reapers. While air walking, the player can move down by pressing the Alt key.
  • The B key is used for opening the emote menu, where the player can perform various gestures and expressions.
  • The I key is used for camera zoom in, and the O key is used for camera zoom out.
  • The / key is used for chat, allowing the player to communicate with other players in the game.
  • In addition, there are three different combo variations that players can use in combat. These include the aerial combo (LRLRL), barrage combo (LLRRL), and heavy combo (LRRLR), each with their own unique effects and situational uses.

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