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Read on for PM Wiki Guides. 

PM Wiki Guides
PM Wiki Guides

PM Wiki Guides

The official PM Wiki is not available, but we have some guides for players to get started in the game. Devs have made the Trello board for the game, and it features all sorts of information, including beginner tips and races like Hollow and Soul Reaper. Upcoming races. And the Shikai, Res, and much more. We have provided the official Trello link in this PM Wiki guide. You may visit the Trello board for in-depth info, and make sure to join the Discord server of the game for event updates, news, and significant tweaks. 

PM Wiki Guides: Complete List

Click the hyperlink text below to open the pages. 

  1. PM Map, [Complete list of locations]
  2. PM Controls, [Control keys that you must be familiar with]
  3. PM Clans Tier List, [Unofficial tier list of clans available in the Roblox PM]
  4. PM Codes, [Complete list of all new redeem codes]
  5. PM Trello, [Official link to the PM Trello]
  6. PM Discord. [Official link to the game’s Discord]
  7. PM Meditation Guide. [A complete guide on how to meditate in the Roblox PM]
  8. PM Shikai Tier List. [Unofficial Shikai tier list]
  9. PM Hollow Progression. [An overview on how to progress as a hollow in the Roblox PM]
  10. PM Races. [List of races]
  11. PM Resurrection Tier List Guide [Unofficial Res tier list]
  12. PM Clan Buffs

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