PM Map Wiki Roblox [February 2024]

Read on for Roblox PM Map Wiki. An updated Roblox PM Map featuring all the locations in the game. 

PM Map Wiki Roblox
PM Map Wiki Roblox

Roblox PM Map Wiki

In this article, we have shared the following maps that are featured in Roblox PM Roblox: 

  • Karakura Map
  • Soul Society Map
  • Hueco Mundo Map

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Roblox PM: Karakura Map

Project Mugetsu Karakura Map
Source: Roblox PM Trello

The map has several locations that are marked to help with navigation in the game. The Karakura High School is the northernmost location, while the Karakura Greenfields and the Karakura Construction Site are both located in the north. To the northwest, there are the Karakura Neighborhood and the Karakura Hospital, and to the northeast, there are the Hollow Forest and the Menos Cave. The Karakura Cemetery is located in the west, and Karakura Island can be found across the Karakura Bridges that run from north to south. Finally, in the south, there are the Karakura Park and the Karakura Station.

Roblox PM: Soul Society Map

Project Mugetsu: Soul Society Map
Source: Roblox PM Trello

The Senkaimon is located in the northwest corner of the map, while the Cave is to the north. The northeast section of the map is occupied by Central 46. The Main Entrance is at the center of the map and serves as a hub for easy navigation. Rukongai is located to the south and can be accessed through the Main Entrance. The Waterfall is located in the southeast corner of the map.

Roblox PM: Hueco Mundo Map

Project Mugetsu: Hueco Mundo Map
Source: Roblox PM Trello

The map locations are: Mountain to the north, Rib Cage at the center, Las Noches Castle to the east, Menos Forest to the southeast, and The Abyss at the southernmost point.

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