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Soul War Wiki & Trello: How To Turn Back To Human

If you want to turn back to human from hollow or demon form, you can try using the WIPE CODE. Check this; Soul War Codes. Some codes give free Yen, while some offers free wipe. Check out our Soul War Codes list and look for FREE WIPE CODE. Redeem it and see if the wipe code turns you back to human form.  

Soul War Wiki & Trello: Guide To Training Academy

This is the place where will be interacting with Academy Teacher to promote yourself from a Trainee to a Soul Reaper.

If you’re a Trainee, you get access to the Classroom to do the exam for rewards such as XP and Yen.

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Soul War Wiki & Trello: Guide To Soul Reaper

If you have watched Bleach anime, then you already know the role of Soul Reapers. Soul Reapers are the balancers of the world. They eliminate hollows and save souls, sending them to Soul Society. They use Shikais and Kido in order to destroy hollows in a quick and efficient way.

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Soul War Wiki & Trello: Guide To Paths

Hollow Path

To become hollow, you must die to a Hollow as a Human. this is somewhat the most straightforward path to go, due to you only need to die to get it.

Arrancar Path

Arrancars are Menos+, meaning you need to be a Menos, Adjuhas, or a Vasto Lorde to become a Arrancar. There will be a skill in the skill tree that will let you evolve.

Trainee Path

To become a Trainee, you must be a Human and simply speak to the Soul Reaper NPC. The NPC either spawns in the town of houses or the hospital, so look around. You are faster than hollows, so you will outrun them.

Soul Reaper Path

To become a Soul Reaper, you must be a Trainee with Rank 5 or above. to obtain Rank 5, you must do quests at the quest board, which is near the gate.

Vizard Path

To become a Vizard, you need Soul Reaper and Rank 10. Simply speak to the Exile NPC in Katakura. After talking to the Exile, you will lose all Kido abilities and are forced to do the Vizard Raid Boss in order to become a vizard.

Quincy Path

To become a Quincy, you spawn with it for a 10% chance.

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  • Shikai – see shikai obtainment
  • Bankai – Unobtainable
  • Voltstanding – Unobtainable
  • Ressurection – Unobtainable

Soul War Wiki: Guide To UI

  • Yellow Bar displays EXP
  • Green Bar displays Health
  • Name | Rank – Your current name and your current rank. max rank is 30.
  • Blue Bar displays Reiatsu
  • Squares 1-7, R T Y – Skills

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Soul War Wiki & Trello: Controls

  • Q – Flashstep (Running) Dash (Walking)
  • E – Equip/Sheathe Sword
  • W+W – Sprint
  • V – Shikai Release (Soul Reaper Only)
  • B – Bankai Release/Vasto Rage (Soul Reaper/Vizard Only)
  • F – Block
  • F+M1 / Tap F – Parry
  • 1-7 – Skills
  • R, T, Y – Skills
  • Z, X, C – Special Skills (Shikai)
  • ` – Skill / Accessory Inventory
  • M – Menu
  • N – Meditate (Requires Shikai Unlocked)

Soul War Wiki & Trello: Guide To Training

There are three types of training in Soul War Roblox: Strength, Speed, and Reiatsu. They all take about X150 yen in order to use the trainings. You will play a button timing minigame. If you succeed, you will gain X1 stat (as long as you have skill points.) To gain skill points, you must rank up. You gain X3 skill points per rank.

Soul War Wiki & Trello: Guide To Swords

One Sword – Equipping these swords gives you better speed. One Sword has a 95% chance of spawning on your character. You do less damage than two swords, but you are faster.

  • Hilt
  • Black
  • Waist
  • Hilt (Alternate)
  • Black (Alternate)

Two Swords – Two Swords possess better strength compared to one sword. Two Sword has a 5% chance of spawning on your character. You do more damage than One Sword, but you have less speed.

  • Hilt
  • Black
  • Waist
  • Hilt (Alternate)
  • Black (Alternate)

Soul War Trello & Wiki

Q: “When will the game release?”
A: Its been estimated to release near the summer. Update; released!

Q: “How do I get CC access/Tester role?”
A: Getting Tester role is now unobtainable.

Q: “How do I get the ‘Youtuber’ role?”
A: Currently, in order to get the role you need to have 5-10 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Q: “How do i get captain?”
A: Win tournaments hosted by Omikage.

Q: “What do i get from being a captain?”
A: A rank above your head displaying your captain rank and a special 3d cloak ingame.

Q: “How do i get staff?”
A: Handpicked or applications.

Soul War Wiki & Trello

What is Soul War and why is it different from other Bleach games?

It’s a sandbox game with a simple yet complex combat system, mainly fun with pvp. the progression is pretty much identical to any other grindy bleach game but we do have a few more expansions such as raid mode, bosses, mini-bosses, ranked pvp, accessories, and other things.

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So that’s all we got in this Soul War Wiki. We will add more information to this article soon. 

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  1. como obtengo el bankai?, actualmente soy nivel 30 y he hecho el siguiente procedimiento: pelear, hablar y dejar que me guie, de ahi no paso y realmente necesito ayuda para saber como desbloquear el bankai plis

  2. Got to rank 11, became Adjucas, used Giganta to teleport to Karakura. Immediately got kicked out (I think there was an update), went back in and i was a level 6 normal hollow in Hueco Mundo? No way am I doing all that grinding again for no reason.

    • thta happened because a problem happened and the last time u leave and rejoined the game u were lvl 6 normal hollow. The problem was u disconnected.