Shindo Life Trello Link & Guide[Official][May 2024]

Read on for Shindo Life Trello. 

Shindo Life Trello Link & Guide

Shindo Life is a Roblox game published by Rell World. It is based on the popular anime Naruto and features all your favorite characters. Each character has given a unique ability set that you can unleash to defeat enemies in the battle. The game gets regular updates and new content and features many game modes where you fight bosses and their minions. Apart from that, there are mini-games, bosses, and much more. 

Shindo Life Trello

Most Roblox games have a Trello, an official one, made by developers to help the players understand the game’s basics and cover every aspect of the game; better than one could cover in a WIKI. Shindo Life Trello is also available. But before you head to the below Shindo Life Trello, we recommend you redeem the Shindo Life codes and claim the freebies; these will help you a lot. [Also, see – Shindo Life Codes,].

Shindo Life Trello: Intro

Shindo Life Trello covers everything you need to know about recent updates, controls, gamepass, maps and bloodline rarity, bloodline mode/stages, cooldown info, links to official channels, staff info, and more. [Also, see – Shindo Life Codes,].

Shindo Life Trello Link

Shindo Life Trello is now available. Here’s the link:

[Also, see – Shindo Life Codes,].

Shindo Life Trello: Game Modes

  • RPG Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Arena X Mode
  • Arena X Competitive
  • My Home
  • Shindo-Storm
  • SS Comp
  • Conquest
  • Kendo Tournament
  • Dungeon

Shindo Life Trello: RPG Mode

RPG is the main game mode where players get to discover and unlock a great collection of Sub-Abilities, modes, weapons, and more. In this game mode, you level up by doing the quests such as the star missions, boss missions, and green scroll missions. The players gain Ryo for doing these missions or quests. The Ryo amount is based on the mission you do; the green scroll missions grant fewer rewards compared to the boss missions that grant more. 

Shindo Life Trello: Story Mode

Story mode is the PvE mode where you progress through the story questlines based on the Naruto anime. You need to be in a closed community.

Shindo Life Trello: Arena X Mode

It’s a PvP mode. 

Shindo Life Trello: Arena X Competitve Mode

Another PvP mode, but with modes; 1v1 or 2v2.

Shindo Life Trello: MY HOME Mode

Players head to their private homes for AFK rewards and resources.

Shindo Storm Mode

Select characters and fight other characters for rewards.

SS Comp Mode

Select Shindo Storm Character and fight the opponent on a private server. 

Conquest Mode

Capture the flags in team deathmatch. 

Kendo Tournament Mode

1v1 with limited ATK moves;

  • Ember Hurricane
  • Raion Barrage
  • Ember Entry
  • Mighty Smash
  • Azarashi Barrage
  • Ryuji Axis
  • Ember Rising
  • Combo Breaker
  • Spirit Fist
  • Spirit Smash
  • Spirit Spear
  • Saberu Suprise
  • Narumaki Barrage
  • Dynamic Stomp Barrage
  • Shiki Hurricane
  • Fist Style: 3rd Dance
  • Fist Style: Dragon Lotus
  • Fist Style: Dragon Strike
  • Fist Style: 6th Dance
  • Fist Style: 9th Dance
  • Fist Style: Tiger Lotus
  • Arahaki Style: Thousand Air Palms
  • Jokei: 128 Palms
  • Bat Cursed Spirit
  • Reptile Cursed Spirit
  • Demon Gate Spirit
  • Heavenly Spirit

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