Idle Supernatural School Cheats: Guide & Tips

Read on for Idle Supernatural School cheats, guides, and tips for beginners.

Idle Supernatural School Cheats Guide & Tips

Idle Supernatural School

Idle Supernatural School is a mobile idle game published by Longames where you will build and manage a supernatural school. Mortals will come to your school to become a superman and acquire supernatural powers. You will set up the training facilities for the mortals; each facility with unique course and training. 

This post covers the Idle Supernatural School cheats, guides, and tips for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content. 

Guide To The Currencies

There are three in-game currencies: cash, power stones, and building points.


You obtain cash from the Mortals when they register in the school, complete a course, make purchases in stores, eat in the canteen, and relax in the lounge. 

Power Stones

Power Stones can be acquired by defeating the mutant monsters outside your school, completing the quests and challenges in the virtual combat cabins, and other in-game activities. You need power stones for premium upgrades like a superpower collector, gene tin, or unlocking special equipment in the training facilities. We recommend saving power stones for the late game. 

Building Points

Building Points are required to unlock the new quests and the chapters/map. For instance, In the first chapter or Mirkwood map(first map), you can accumulate up to 2500 building points, and when you have this many points, you can set up branches in the following chapter/map, which is Quiet Wilderness. Subsequently, you will need 5000 building points to unlock chapter 3(Frozen Mausoleum). 7.5K Building Points for the Silent Polar map and 10K building points for the last chapter/map, which is the space station. Devs may add new maps in future updates. 

These are the maps you can unlock or set up branches in when you meet the building points requirement. Some players have reported that they can not proceed to the next chapter or map even if they have sufficient building points in the vault; it may be a bug, so you have to contact the developer. Head to the Google Play Store or app store where you got this game, search for it, and write the problem in review; you will receive a reply from the devs in a few days. 

Players can obtain Building Points by upgrading the course or training facilities, such as Body Strengthening, Speed Strengthening, Weather Control, Flight, Psychic Force, Element Control, Loung, and Stores. 

Idle Supernatural School Guide To Mortals And Superman

Mortals are the students who enroll in your school to become superman and acquire powerful abilities. They will first register in the school by paying the registration fee, use a genetic modifier to activate supernatural power, and then head to the course facilities(training rooms). In each chapter,  you will have specific courses or training rooms. In the top-right corner, below the power stone/gem icon, tap on the “book/pencil” icon to open the college management screen. On the college management screen, head to the building tab; here, you can see all the facilities you can build in the current chapter or map. 

For instance, in the first chapter, you can build these training facilities; 

  • Body Strengthening
  • Speed Strengthening
  • Laser Eyes
  • Flight
  • Weather Control
  • Mimicry Control
  • Psychic Force
  • Element Control

After building a certain number of facilities, a training portal is unlocked. In the first chapter, the first training portal is adjacent to the flight facility/laser facility. And the second training portal, adjacent to the psychic force/element control facility. 

The students must go through the first training portal to advance to the subsequent courses. If they fail, they will have to train again. 

Couse Facilities And Success Rate In Idle Supernatural School

Each course facility, when advanced, increases the training success rate. For instance, In the first chapter, Body Strengthing/Speed Strengthening/Laser Eyes/Flight are the course rooms you can level up and advance to increase the junior superman training success rate.

Tap on the basic training portal to see the success rate. Students who pass through the basic training can advance to subsequent courses and superman training. 

After students become junior superman, they can train in subsequent training rooms such as Weather Control, Mimicry Control, Psychic Force, and Element Control. 

Weather Control and Mimicry Control are the two training facilities that can increase senior superman training success rate. The Psychic Force room impacts the training success rate of psychic superman. And the element control training facility affects the success rate of elemental superman training. 

Level up the facilities and do further advancement to increase the success rate. After training in these courses or facilities, students will head for the superman training, where they can become senior superman, psychic superman, and elemental superman. 

How To Unlock New Superman In Idle Supernatural School

In each chapter, you can unlock a set of superman. For instance, In the first chapter, you can unlock junior superman, intermediate superman, senior superman, psychic superman, and elemental superman. 

All you need to do is build course facilities, increase the level, do the advancement to increase the training success rate, and you will eventually unlock a new superman. 

Other Facilities In Idle Supernatural School 

You can unlock the lounge, canteen, and stores besides the course facilities. All these facilities generate revenue, and you can upgrade them for the building points. 

How To Increase The Power Of Superman In Idle Supernatural School

Superman characters, once unlocked, will appear in the illustrated book. Tap the book icon in the bottom menu to see the list of all superman characters you have unlocked so far. Tap on a superman character to see its level, stats, and star grade. The superman characters gain EXP through advancement, exploration, and training. They will automatically gain EXP through school activities. Keep leveling and advancing the course facilities to boost EXP farming. 

After every ten levels, you can use the gene tins to upgrade the star level of superman. Gene lab outside the school generates gene tin every 15 minutes, so don’t forget to collect the yield. 

Keep An Eye On The Events

Outside the school, mutant monsters and mining sites appear occasionally. You can obtain power stones and cash by completing these events. 

Also, in the top-left corner, you will often get challenges you can participate in for rewards like cash and power stones. 

Collect The Super Power And Gen Tin In Idle Supernatural School

Outside the school, there are two facilities; Gene Lab and Super Power Collector Lab. Gene Lab produces gene tins. Super Power Collector lab produces super power. You can use the gene tin to increase the star level of a superman character when it hits a level cap. And use the super power for upgrades in the superman affairs bureau. 

Watch The Video Ads

Every minute, you will receive ad offers on the top-right side; watch the video ad to get freebies. To progress faster in the game, make sure to grab all the ad offers. Also, outside the school, you can collect a chest containing cash or gems every few minutes. The game lets you pick one of the three without watching the video ad; watch a video ad to get all the rewards. 

Complete The Quests For Freebies

Each chapter has a set number of tasks you can do for freebies, like cash and power stones. 

Set Up Branches In New Chapter Map

In the top-right corner, left to the gear/setting icon, tap on the map icon -> set up branches and move to a new map/chapter to unlock new superman characters and features. 

Idle Supernatural School Codes To Redeem

There are no gift redemption codes available to redeem in Idle Supernatural School. If you don’t know what gift code redemption is, there is a redeem code function in the settings where you can enter a redeem code for freebies. Devs have not released any Idle Supernatural School codes so far. If you know any working gift redemption code for this game, please share it in the comments below. 

Idle Supernatural School Cheats

Currently, there are no Idle Supernatural School cheats available. You may try the time lapse cheat – it may work, but we don’t recommend using it. All you need to do is change the time in the phone settings. Set it forward to a couple of hours and open the game to instantly receive the offline income of 2 hours. Note down the skipped hours and change the phone settings according to them before you open the game. Caution; it may mess up the student’s training progress. 

Idle Supernatural School Combat Cabin

This function unlocks after you unlock a high-grade senior superman. In this mode, you challenge other superman teams for the rewards like cash and power stones. You can challenge the others in this game mode five times a day. As you win, your ranking improves; based on the ranking, you get a reward – once every three days. Tap the trophy icon in the top-left corner -> ranking award -> check rewards.

Participate In The Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode unlocks after you unlock chapter two. It is one of the modes in which you can participate for in-game rewards. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Idle Supernatural School cheats, guides, and tips for beginners. 

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