Single City Life Metaverse Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Read on for the Single City Life Metaverse guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

Single City Life Metaverse Guide Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Single City Life Metaverse Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Published by A Thinking Ape Entertainment Limited, Single City Life Metaverse is a mobile game where you will design your very own home, hunt for the best roomies, explore the single city, and team up with a crew for PvP group dramas. 

This post covers the Single City Life Metaverse guide and tips for beginners. 

Drama & Collab Guide For Beginners

Single City Life Metaverse is packed with PvE and PvP elements. At the beginning of the game, players can participate in the PvE game modes. PvE includes solo collaborations and dramas. Head to the city screen, and you will find PvE sites such as Seaside Gym, Seaside Village, Seaside Cafe, Seaside Arcade, and many other similar ones.

Enter any of these sites, and you will find PvE characters available for drama and collab. From the collabs, you can earn cash, tokens, roomie stars, XP, furniture, pizza, etc.


From the drama, you can earn reputation points and drama encounter currency. 

Also, on all these sites, you will find side hustle activities to earn cash and pizza. For instance, On the arcade site, one can earn cash by sending the roomie to the arcade game spot. And pizza from those dining table spots.

You have to tap the cash or pizza icon on these sites and command the roomie to go there and collect the cash/pizza. The duration to complete the collection is based on the level and rewards. 

Tips To Earn 5 Hearts Easily In Collabs

Single City Life Metaverse Hearts

Target the collaborators with low de-stress levels. The yellow bar on the top of the characters’ heads displays their de-stress status. Or you can tap on collaborators to see their de-stress level. The smiley bar shows the De-Stress level; if the collaborator is highly stressed, it will be low. If the collaborator’s de-stress level is very low, they will be stressed out during the collab, and you will obtain five hearts. Once a PvE character is stressed out, the game will automatically replace it with a fully healed character with a max De-Stress level. 

Single City Life Metaverse De-Stress Level

You will have to search for these low-de-stress-level characters in the city manually. Look into each Seaside building. 

Single City Life Metaverse Destress

Guide To Hearts In Collab

Single City Life Metaverse Reward Level

The reward from collab depends on the total influence score, the roomie’s influence, + the collaborate influence. Tap on the collaborator to see the potential rewards; there will be an (i) symbol next to it. Tap that to see the score requirement for the max rewards. Let’s say the collaborator has 10K influence, your roomie has 9K influence, and the requirement to get 5-hearts from the collab is 18K; in this case, you will easily obtain the 5-hearts as you meet the score requirement of 18K. The total influence power would be [10K(The Collaborator) + 9K(Roomie) = 19K].

In the phone -> reports -> collab -> details breakdown, you will see the score for each test;

  • Fitness
  • Wits
  • Charm
  • Style
  • Luck
  • Carry

Guide To Roomies In Single City Life Metaverse

Single City Life Metaverse Roomie

Roomies are the character who moves into your house, and you can send them to the city for collabs and drams and earn cash, pizza, tokens, materials, and many other things. 

There are common grade roomies, rare grade roomies, and epic grade roomies. The higher the grade, the more difficult it would be to acquire them. 

Head to the store -> roomies -> scroll down to progression packs; you can spend roomie power-up box credits and get the box containing roomies’ shards and other items. You will need gems to get those boxes if you don’t have box credits. 

You get your first roomie during the tutorial. 

Guide To Upgrading Roomie

Tap on the roomie tab in the bottom menu. Tap on the roomie or roomie room -> roomie detail. In the top-left corner, you will see the grade of the selected roomie; common, rare, or epic. Below the grade, you will see the name. Then there is a level bar with several stars. Tap the ⇑ button next to level/stars to open the star upgrade menu. The star upgrade increases the roomie’s tier or star level. If you want to increase the max level cap of the roomie, you must increase the star/tier level. For instance, at star level 1, the max level for the roomie is level 10. 

At level 2, it increases to 20. You must first reach the current max level to increase the star level or tier. Also, you will need promotion material; roomie star.

To upgrade a common-grade roomie, you will need common roomie stars. For rare-grade roomies, you need rare roomie stars. For epic-grade roomies, you need epic roomie stars. The roomie packs in the store contain these stars, and you can also obtain them from high-level collabs and dramas. 

  • At star level 3/4/5, new talents for the roomie will be unlocked.

To level up a roomie, tap the level-up button on the roomie profile screen. It will cost EXP. You can obtain XP from the collabs and dramas in the city. 

Placing furniture in the roomie’s room can grant bonus stats. 

  • Influence: Impacted by Roomie’s stats
  • Modifier: Impacted by Roomie’s furniture, skills, and SC academy progress

De-Stress The Roomie For Better Performance

Your roomie will be knocked out if the stress level is very high. So you must de-stress the roomie from time to time. Players in the Single City Life Metaverse game can de-stress their roomies by giving them pizza. Head to the roomie -> tap the + icon button next to the smiley bar -> de-stress. You can obtain pizza from collaborations and dramas in the city. 

Guide To Home In Single City Life Metaverse

The living room is the main room in the home. Upgrading the living room increases the number of roommate rooms, max energy, and SC academy speed and unlocks new upgrades. 

Office in the home yields cash. Upgrade it to earn more cash. 

The kitchen protects the food, and upgrading it increases the number of de-stressing slots and protection level. 

The garden yields pizza. Patio unlocks errands that you can do for rewards. The bathroom impacts de-stress speed. Entryway impacts package slots. 

Each room will have a set of furniture that you can upgrade to increase influence and other stats. You can level up these furniture items with cash. To raise the max level, you must increase its star/tier level. It will cost material items like wine, cutting boards, and bolts. 

Single City Life Metaverse Allies Guide

The ally function should be unlocked after you finish the “ally unlock” research in SC Academy. 

Now, what exactly does an ally do? Players in the Single City Life Metaverse game can hire allies with reputation points(obtained from contests and dramas). Recruited allies grant a bonus in the dramas/collabs. Tap on the phone in the lower-right corner -> allies -> discover -> enter a value(reputation points that you would like to spend to acquire allies) -> acquire. Once acquired, head to the allies tab on the same screen -> there you will see the bonus and other values. 

Single City Life Metaverse Allies

Guide To Phone Menu In Single City Life Metaverse

Tap the phone option in the lower-right corner; 

  • Reports: here, you can check reports of collabs and dramas. The report gives all the details like the amount of rewards, breakdown of encounters, score points, location of the encounters, etc. 
  • Stories: complete stories to earn rewards
  • Contests: daily quests, events, VIP events, etc., to complete and earn rewards
  • Trending: rankings
  • Roomies: list of all the roomies in Single City Life Metaverse
  • Security: use do not disturb if you don’t want to be challenged by other players
  • De-stress: shortcut to de-stress menu
  • Errands: complete solo and crew errands for rewards
  • Crew: join a crew and get assistance and access to group dramas. Tap settings-> leave to leave the crew
  • Storage: list of all items that you have
  • SC Academy: research to unlock new bonuses, functions, boosters, etc. 
  • Allies: recruit allies with reputation points
  • Friends: find friends

Single City Life Metaverse Tips For Beginners

1.) Keep researching in SC academy: always have something on research in SC academy. 

2.) Complete the story quests and participate in the contests(daily quests, events, etc.) for rewards.

3.) Send your roomie to the city for collaborations and dramas to earn rewards. Make sure to keep the de-stress level healthy for better performance. Also, upgrade the roomie for high score points. Do the side hustle to earn cash and pizza. 

4.) Don’t spend gems on speeding up things. Save gems for items that are hard to obtain. For instance, the roomie boxes. 

5.) Upgrade the furniture in the home to increase influence. 

6.) Join an active crew. Crew members can assist you in group dramas and reduce the time for SC academy research or any other upgrade. 

7.) Do the errands to earn free rewards. 

8.) Recruit allies for bonuses. 

Single City Life Metaverse Cheats

Currently, there are no Single City Life Metaverse cheats or cheat codes available. We recommend you stay away from the sites that claim to give unlimited gems with a hack or cheat, as it could lead to an account ban. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Single City Life Metaverse guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got any more Single City Life Metaverse tips? Comment below. 

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