Best Belts [May 2024]

Read on for Best Belts. A complete list of Belts and find out the best ones and the worst ones. Best Belts Belts

Currently, these are the Belts available in the game:

  • Stylish Belt
  • Eternal Belt
  • Waist Sensor
  • Army Belt
  • Broad Waistguard
  • Leather Belt
  • Voidwaker Sash
  • Twisting Belt

Belts are the gears that increase HP and provide buffs that enhance the performance of your hero during the battle. Some of these belts have a knack for granting a shield, invincibility, and increasing movement speed. In this post, we will be showcasing the best belts and the worst belts.  

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Currently, the best in the game is Twisting Belt. Some good belts are Eternal Belt, Stylish Belt, and Voidwaker Sash Belt. The two decent belts are Waist Sensor and Army Belt. The average ones are Leather Belt and Broad Waistguard. 

  • Eternal Belt increases HP and revival effect and gives you invincibility upon taking DMG(triggers once every sixty seconds),
  • Stylist Belt gives you HP and the shield. 
  • The new Voidwaker Sash belt is another addition to the top-tier belts; it has a unique skill effect, “Hardened” – during the Hardened mode stage, the hero will be immune to all damage and instakill minions upon colliding with them + it increases HP, revival effect, grants immunity to all damage when Hardend. 
  • Army Belt grants you a shield upon eradicating an elite boss.
  • The Waist Sensor can increase the movement speed.
  • Broad Waistguard increases HP and releases radiation when healing.
  • Leather Belt increases HP and movement speed upon picking up the food. Best Belts Best Belts

So that’s all we got in this post on Best Belts. 

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