Guardian Tales Bianca: Noble Succubus Bianca Overview!

How good is Noble Succubus Bianca in Guardian Tales? Find out in this Guardian Tales Bianca overview: stats, EXP weapon, skills, and more

Guardian Tales Bianca

Guardian Tales Bianca: Noble Succubus Bianca Overview⇓

Guardian Tales Bianca

Bianca is a 3-star grade Ranged class hero in Guardian Tales that prefers a two-handed sword as a weapon to unleash mid-ranged attacks. Not long-range! In this Guardian Tales Bianca overview, you will learn how to obtain this hero, about the EX weapon, skills, evaluation, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the overview!

How To Get Bianca In Guardian Tales?

The two main ways to get Bianca in the game are: – 

(1) Gacha/Summon – Bianca can be obtained from the gacha summons; based on the luck and drop rate, you get random characters.

(2) Mileage Tickets: – Bianca is available in mileage shop. By spending x300 mileage tickets, you can obtain her. Note: Bianca is not the best hero character; there are better characters in the mileage shop that you can get by spending mileage tickets. For example; Marina, Bari. 

How To Get Bianca’s EX Weapon?

Guardian Tales Bianca

Bianca’s EX Weapon is Astarte. It comes with a skill that cast a powerful ice wave to cause ranged DMG and puts the foes in airborne state. 

  • You can get Bianca’s EX weapon from the mileage shop; costs x300 mileage tickets or try luck in equipment gacha

Bianca’s Evaluation: – 

Pending! Recently released. 

Guardian Tales Bianca’s Stats: – 

  • Base Attack – 701
  • Critical Hit Chance – 2%
  • HP: 22, 171
  • Defense: 134
  • Damage Reduction: 23
  • Card Slot: 2
  • Fire Resistance: 30%
  • Earth Resistance: -30%
  • Element; Water
  • Role: Ranged, Mid-Ranged
  • Preference: Two-Handed Sword

Guardian Tales Bianca’s Abilities: – 

  • Normal ATK: uses the weapon to inflict ranged DMG
  • Special Ability: when hit by the foes, attack increases(+30%) for x3 seconds, and the enemy’s ATK decreases(-30% for x6 seconds)
  • Chain Skill: – ranged DMG, +DEF(+50%  for x10 seconds)

So that’s all we got in this post on Guardian Tales Bianca: Noble Succubus Bianca Overview!

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