Games Like AFK Arena

We have curated a list of games like AFK Arena. If you have enjoyed playing this game and looking for similar ones, then this article is for you. 

Games Like AFK Arena

Games Like AFK Arena ⇓

Published by Lilith Games, AFK Arena is the most popular Idle Gacha RPG available to play for free on Android & iOS platforms. The game features a classic campaign mode where you, as a player, build a team of heroes and fight enemies. As you progress further, the game lets you access the PvP, Tower, and Labyrinth modes. AFK Arena has good quality graphics, hundreds of heroes collections, a variety of game modes, regular updates, and events that keep the player busy all the time. 

In this post, we are going to showcase a list of games like AFK Arena. If you have got any recommendations, please share them in the comments below. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content(Note; all games in this genre are P2W – if you are F2P, you will have to grind a lot): – 

Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes plays in portrait mode; it features a wide range of heroes with unique roles and skills. AFK mode, campaign mode, events, PvP, and much more. 

Valor Legends

Valor Legends plays in landscape mode. PvE, PvP, events, AFK, and more. A vast collection of heroes. 

Girls X Battle 2⇓

Girls X Battle 2 is a popular idle RPG, which offers hands-free battles(AFK). Just like AFK Arena, this title features hundreds of characters; anime girls that you can collect and use in the battles. It has got a variety of game modes; PvE campaign, PvP. The PvE mode is called the campaign, which features hundreds of stages with increasing difficulty.

Another one is called “League”, which is divided into Battle and League subs; Tests(Kind of like Tower mode), Events, Patrol, Challenges, Security Squad, House Exams. League; Junior Varsity, Varsity, Elite, and Ultimate Leagues. 

Other than this, you can join a guild for more content/features. If you are looking for games like AFK Arena, you should give Girls X Battle 2 a try. 

TapTap Heroes⇓

TapTap Heroes plays is another Idle Gacha RPG with hundreds of characters, idle gameplay, character growth system, and plenty of game modes; guild arena, PvE, Boss Battles, Tower, and more. The game is getting regular updates and many players are loving the content. It plays in portrait mode. Just like AFK Arena, you will build a squad of heroes to fight enemies and win rewards. Grind resources and use them to upgrade top-tier characters and progress further to high-rank challenging battles, which are hard to clear. 

Idle Heroes⇓

Idle Heroes is similar to AFK Arena when it comes to content/game modes/idle mechanics, but it plays in Landscape mode. It is one of the oldest and popular Idle Gacha RPG on mobile app stores with millions of players enjoying the content. The game has a variety of game modes; PvE, PvP, Guild, etc. You will progress through the PvE, collect and save currency, use it to summon heroes. And, build those heroes to clear the difficult stages. 

Idle Heroes features over 200 heroes. You can level them up, equip them with gears, and there are plenty of other upgrades to make them stronger. 

Battle Night⇓

Battle Night is also similar to AFK Arena; gacha RPG, Idle mechanics, game modes, but it plays in Landscape mode. If you don’t mind playing in landscape mode, you can try this game. It offers a wide range of game modes; Campaign, Arena, Hero Expedition, Core Adventure, etc. Grind, save, spend, collect heroes, use them to fight enemies, and progress further. 

So this would be all in this post on Games Like AFK Arena. If you have more suggestions, please share them in the comments below. 

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