Aura Kingdom 2 Life Skills Guide: Fishing, Blacksmith & Alchemy

Your character in the Aura Kingdom 2 can master three life skills; fishing, blacksmith, and alchemy. Read on for Aura Kingdom 2 life skills guide

By chapter quest 5-7, you will have access to all these three skills. You can do fishing, crafting, and alchemy activity to earn lots of rewards that you can use in crafting gears. For example – from fishing, you can earn essence orb, magical scale, and earth essence that you will need in crafting the rings. Other than that, you can earn a gold chest containing blueprints of different quality rings; white, blue, green, and orange. For starters, we recommend checking the beginner’s guide, codes, leveling tips, class guide. In this post, we have shared the Aura Kingdom 2 life skills guide. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

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Aura Kingdom 2 Life Skills Guide: –Aura Kingdom 2 Life Skills Guide

Following is the list of life skills: –

  • Fishing
  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmith 

Fishing in Aura Kingdom 2 – 

Aura Kingdom 2 Life Skills GuideTo start fishing, you have to go to the event map by tapping the event option on the top of the screen. Scroll right and tap on the fishing option. At starting, you can fish in the clear pond. After selecting the fishing option on the map, tap on the “GO” button under clear pond banner and teleport there. Once you are there, you will see fish symbol over the river; green, golden, blue, orange. Golden fish give more rewards – but it’s hard to handle. Tap on the fish symbol and a new screen will open where you have to keep the fish in the orange area. Rotate the spinning wheel to balance the fish. Higher the difficulty level, the harder it would be to keep the fish in the orange area. 

You can try with blue or green fish for easy difficulty. But rewards would not be high. 

  • Essence Orb
  • Magic Scale
  • Earth Essence
  • White Ringe Blueprint
  • Blue Ring Blueprint
  • Green Ring Blueprint
  • Orange Ring Blueprint

These are the items that you can earn in Aura Kingdom 2 by doing fishing. You will also gain fishing EXP, which increases your fishing level. And, as the level increases, it would be easy for you to catch/balance the fish. 

Alchemy In Aura Kingdom 2

Head to the event map and tap the alchemy option and the next screen, tap the go button and visit “CITY HEART”. This is where you will see the alchemy machines. Above the machines, you will see the reward in an icon that you can claim after doing the activity. There would be many machines; the machine in the center gives you the gold chest. If you want blueprints in Aura Kingdom 2, then we recommend using the machine in the center in the city heart area. Tap the machine and on the next screen, a mini-game will start where you have to tap the highlighted objects and avoid the other ones. Resources will start falling as soon as the game starts; tap as many as you can and get the best reward. 

  • Mana Crystal
  • Textile
  • Earth Element 
  • White Cape Blueprint
  • Blue Cape Blueprint
  • Green Cape Blueprint
  • Orange Cape Blueprint

These are the blueprints and crafting materials for cloaks that you can get in Aura Kingdom 2 from alchemy activity. You will also gain the alchemy EXP, which increases the alchemy level. 


Aura Kingdom 2 Life Skills GuideHead to Goldenwheat Valley area by tapping the blacksmith option on the event map. In that area, you will find the anvil tables. Above the anvils, you will see the reward icon. Find the anvil that gives you a golden chest. Tap on it and play the mini-game. It’s as same as alchemy. 

  • Essence Crystal
  • Cobblestone
  • Red Gemstone
  • White Necklace Blueprint
  • Blue Necklace Blueprint
  • Green Necklace Blueprint
  • Orange Necklace Blueprint

These are the items that you can earn by playing the blacksmith event. 

You get to play fishing, alchemy, and blacksmith events a certain number times a day. 

Commissions Guide

Allus alchemist, angler, and blacksmith are the three characters that can help you get the stuff in respective fields. Head to any life skill event screen. For example – blacksmith. On the bottom-left side, you will see the commission button. Tap it and on the next screen, you can assign Allus blacksmith to get the stuff you want. You can select friends to assist you. After a certain amount of time, you will get the reward.

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So this would be all in this Aura Kingdom 2 life skills guide for beginners. 

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