Aura Kingdom 2 Guild Guide For Beginners

There are several perks of joining a guild in Aura Kingdom 2. Read on for Aura Kingdom 2 guild guide for beginners to master the guild system

Aura Kingdom 2 Guild GuideWhy should you join a guild? Well, there are several benefits that you get upon joining an active guild; free rewards by signing in, you get to play the guild war more, territory war mode, and other guild events where you can get to play with other members. Also, playing solo gets boring quickly – it’s a good idea to join a guild and play with other guild members. For starters, we would recommend checking the beginner’s guide, codes, leveling guide, class guide, Eidolons, and life skills guide. In this post, we have shared the Aura Kingdom 2 guild guide for beginners. 

Aura Kingdom 2 Guild Guide: –

You can either create a guild or join a guild created by other players. Tap the main menu button -> guild. This will take you to the guild screen where you can spend currency and create a guild or send a request to other guilds asking them to let you in. To leave the guild, go to members tab, tap management button and choose to leave. Once you are in a guild, you can do a lot of things: –

Sign In To Get Rewards

On the guild main page, you can sign in and get the rewards; guild coins, gold, ritual stone to charge Altar energy. The guild coin is the guild currency that you can use in the guild store to shop various items. 

Guild War and Territory War

These two are the guild exclusive events. Territory wars are available every day (time is fixed – ask the guild leader). But guild wars are available only on certain days; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – 21:00 – 21:30 time period. During the event time, members in the guild can participate in the wars and earn rewards such as ancient key(used in reroll), weapon blueprints, trophy crates; blue, green, orange. 

Aura Kingdom 2 Guild Buildings

On the guild main page, on the bottom-right corner, tap the guild base. This will take you to the guild base where you can access all the guild buildings; lighthouse, altar, ship, and exchange. Guild lighthouse opens at a certain time and gives EXP. Guild Altar opens at a certain time where you can summon guardians and challenge them to earn rewards. Spirit Stones. And, guild ship building lets you access the guild ship dungeons where you protect the guild crystals and get exclusive rewards. 

Guild Currencies

The two main guild currencies in Aura Kingdom 2 game are guild points and guild coins. Guild points are earned by participating in guild activities such as guild quests, altar, and more. A leader can use these points to upgrade the guild buildings. 

Guild currency or coins can be obtained by completing the guild quests, from guild ship, sign-in method. You can use these guild coins to buy gem chest, potions; ATK, DEF, EVA, and products such as alloy, arcane stone. Allow is the material that you need to fuse equipment. Arcane stone is the item that you need in rerolling equipment. 

Complete Guild Quests

Complete the guild quests and contribute to the guild because these quests give you guild points that can be used in upgrading the guild buildings. Also, you earn guild coins. 

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So this would be all in this post on Aura Kingdom 2 guild guide for beginners. 

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