BitLife – Life Simulator – How To Become Archaeologist?

Wondering how to be an Archaeologist in BitLife? In this BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide, we will teach you how to become an Archaeologist.

BitLife - Life Simulator ArchaeologistTo become an Archaeologist in BitLife, you will have to study History at the university. After that, you will have to apply for the Graduate School and graduate from there. These are the two requirements that you must meet to become an Archaeologist, which is one of the 146 careers in BitLife – Life Simulator. Once you are graduated from the university in History and Graduate School, apply for the Archaeologist job. You will start as a Jr. Archaeologist. As you keep working hard, you will be promoted to the senior level and eventually, you will become Archaeologist. So this is the summary of this post. Let’s learn in detail – How to become an Archaeologist in BitLife?

You Must Be Smart

This rule applies to almost every high-level job – if you are not smart, no company or organization will hire you. So make sure that you start with good smart stats. We would recommend 85+ smart stats for the Archaeologist job. Start a new life if you are born with poor smart stats. Tap the menu button on the upper-left side to navigate to the main menu – start a new life. Keep rolling until you are born with 85+ smart stats.

Do The Regular Activities To Maintain The Smart Stats: –

You may lose some smart points as you progress through the timeline – not if you do the regular activities during the school period.

  • Visit the library often during the school period
  • Study Harder in the school

Choose History To Become An Archaeologist BitLife - Life Simulator Archaeologist

After graduating from secondary school, you can either seek higher education at the university or take some time off. Choose to seek higher education. You have to study History at the university to become an Archaeologist. If the History subject is not available at the University, try this – join the community college and graduate from there. After that, apply for the University again from the Occupation menu -> check if the History subject is available or not. If not, restart life.

Why History?

You must have a good knowledge of History to become an Archaeologist.

Graduate From The University And Apply For Graduate SchoolBitLife - Life Simulator Archaeologist

After graduating from the University in History, the game will ask you to look for the job or take some time off or seek higher education. Head to the occupation tab again -> education -> Graduate School (to continue your university focus). Study harder during the graduate school period.

Look For The Archaeologist Job

Once you are all done; school, university, graduate school – it’s time to look for the jobs. Navigate to the Occupation tab again -> Jobs -> look for the Archaeologist job -> apply -> pass the interview.

If the Archaeologist job is not available; close the game – open again – this will shuffle the jobs. Keep doing this until the Archaeologist’s job appears.

Work For 20 Years As An ArchaeologistBitLife - Life Simulator Archaeologist

If you want to get the Archaeologist career achievement, then you must work in this field for 20 years. During this timeline, Co-Workers may annoy you – don’t bother with them because your boss may fire you if they complain about your rude behavior. Also, avoid the events that may lead you to prison. Keep working hard, get the promotion and complete this career achievement.

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So this would be all in this Bitlife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide to become an Archaeologist. If you know any other method, share it in the comment section below.

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  1. Also, if the history major isn’t there, you can exit the game, restart the GAME, and open up the game, check the majors. If it is still not there, repeat the same process.