BitLife – Life Simulator – How To Become Art Gallery Worker?

Wondering how to become an Art Gallery Worker in BitLife? This BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide will teach you how to become Art Gallery WorkerBitLife - Life Simulator Art Gallery Worker

To become the Art Gallery Worker in BitLife, the player needs to apply for Gallery Associate job in the Museum. You will start as a Gallery Associate and as you work hard in this field, the Museum authority will promote you to the next tier; from Gallery Associate to Art Handler, Art Handler to Assistant Curator, Assistant Curator to Curator, Curator to Gallery Director, and so on. All you have to do is work there for about 20 years; it includes the time that you spend as a Gallery Associate, Art Handler, Curator, Director. As soon as you spend 20 years in this field, Art Gallery Worker Career achievement will get unlocked. So this is the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail – how to become an Art Gallery Worker in BitLife – Life Simulator?

Do Stats Matter If You Want To Become An Art Gallery Worker?

Your character possesses four attributes; looks, health, happiness, and smart. In our experience, we come to know that a character with average stats can easily get to the Gallery Associate position. Looks don’t matter, health should be good to get the job(70-100), you should be happy(70-100), and the character must not be dumb – so average smart stats would do the job(70-100). Start a new life if you are low on all the stats – keep playing if the character has decent stats.

Join Art Club If Possible

During the school days, you will be asked to take part in the school activity. The school provides a lot of activities such as sports, chess, art club, music club, etc. If the art club is available, make sure to join it because it may help you become an art gallery worker quickly. Tap the school button -> activity -> choose art club if it’s available.

Education Qualification To Become Art Gallery WorkerBitLife - Life Simulator Art Gallery Worker

After graduating from school, you have to seek higher education at the University. We would recommend you to study Arts at the University because it increases the chances of getting a job in this field. If the Arts option is not available at the university, head to the community college, and graduate from there. This will shuffle the subjects at the university. After graduating from the community college, apply for the university again, and apply for Arts if available. If not, we would recommend you to start over with a new character’s life.

Look For The Job After Graduating From The UniversityBitLife - Life Simulator Art Gallery Worker

Here we are talking about the Art Gallery Worker. To achieve this target, you have to apply for the Gallery Associate post in the Museum. Head to the Jobs menu -> find this job; if not available – progress to the next year by tapping the age button or close/open the game to shuffle the jobs. Keep doing this until the Gallery Associate job appears.

Apply for it and pass the interview. If you fail the interview, apply for another Museum(Shuffle the jobs using the methods mentioned above).

Pass The Events Carefully

While working as a Gallery Associate, you will face many events – make sure to play carefully because any wrong move can fire you from the job position. For example –

  • Art Tampering Event – A man tampers the art in your gallery – take him down
  • Overtime Hours – Your supervisor tells you to put in extra hours – agree to put
  • Co-Workers – Don’t fight with them

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