LifeAfter: UMP9 SMG Crafting Guide & Usage Tips

Learn how to get and farm all the resources required to craft UMP9 SMG in LifeAfter. Check out our LifeAfter UMP9 SMG Crafting guide & Usage tips

In LifeAfter newbie’s quest chapter number 4, you will be tasked to craft a UMP9 SMG or Thompson SMG to progress to the next quests. UMP9 SMG unlocks by default as soon as you reach Manor level 5. But, to craft Thompson SMG, you need its blueprint(Formula), which you get from the R&D device through fusing formula shards. If you don’t know how to get Formula Shards, you can check our LifeAfter mid-game guide here. Since UMP9 SMG unlocks by default and all have the access to it, we have shared a complete LifeAfter UMP9 SMG crafting guide and usage tips here. Let’s get started!

LifeAfter UMP9 SMG – Ingredients or Resources Requirement

LifeAfter UMP9 SMGTo craft a UMP9 SMG, you need (10) Hard Aluminium Alloy, (12) Hexagon Nail, (24) Grease, and (4) Polymer Coating. (Gear Workstation -> Make Weapons -> UMP9 SMG). Let’s learn how to gather all these resources.

  • Hard Aluminium Alloy, Hexagon Nail, Grease, Polymer Coating

Hard Aluminium Alloy can be crafted using the gear workstation(Gear Workstation -> Make Weapons -> Workable -> Hard Aluminium Alloy). To craft it, you need tin ore, aluminum ore, old cypress, and tree oil. Tin Ore – You can gather tine ore in Charles Town, Sandcastle by quarrying. Aluminum Ore – You can gather aluminum ore in Snowhighlands by quarrying. Old Cypress – You can gather Old Cypress in Snowhighlands, by logging trees.

LifeAfter UMP9 SMGTree Oil – Tree Oil is one of the rare items in LifeAfter game. To get tree oil in LifeAfter, you need to plant Ginkgo Seed in Farmland. You can obtain Ginkgo Seed by logging trees(drop rate is low), from the camp occupied/map merchant(In Snowhighlands, near the house points, find the merchant), from the Stronghold Merchant(In Snowhighlands, play the barrack battles mode and earn feat. Exchange feat points for Ginkgo Seed).

Hexagon Nail – You already know about this. If not, read our UZI crafting guide here. Grease – Grease can be obtained from the Snowhighlands, by hunting animals, killing Imperial Soldiers. Polymer Coating – Read this guide to know how to get Polymer Coating.

Once you have all these resources in manor chests or bag, you can craft it.

  • LifeAfter UMP9 SMG Upgrade

You can upgrade UMP9 SMG using the modifying feature in R&D device. It will cost you R&D data. After you modify the UMP9 SMG formula, the game will show you the two results; original and the new one. Compare the stats and pick the best one. Don’t do it many times.

  • LifeAfter UMP9 SMG Skins

You can get UMP9 SMG skins by fusing shards in R&D Device. It drops randomly. UMP9 Rainy Day Vanguard, UMP9 Snow Elite – Fusion III. UMP9 Collector’s Edition – Only if you have chosen gun maker cert.

So this is the UMP9 crafting guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our UMP9 SMG usage tips.

UMP9 Usage Tips: –

1.) Don’t use UMP9 in low-difficulty combat. For example; Use Mondragon in Fall Forest, UZI in Sandcastle. And, use UMP9 in mouth swamp. UZI would not work good in Mouth Swamp. You should use it when needed because once its sturdiness reaches 0, you can not repair it. 

2.) Use in Nancy City battles, Miska, Snowhighland Stronghold, Sandcastle Stronghold. You don’t lose much durability in these modes.

3.) Don’t use UMP9 when on fire(Heat symbol). Wait for 12 hours to get back to the normal.

4.) Don’t forget to gather Polymer Coating every day because you will need more UMP9s in Mouth Swamp mode.

So that’s all for now. You can check more guides & LifeAfter tips on this site by searching the keyword LifeAfter in below search box. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

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